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My experience at Martinsburg High School have been okay. I wish they were better. The school is poorly kept bathrooms don't have doors, ceilings are falling, the roofs leaks when it rains and floods the school, the teachers aren't trained correctly, they don't know what they are teaching half the time. Some teachers are absolutely amazing. The programs aren't funded, free breakfast and lunch is provided but is very unhealthy, the kids are extremely rude, don't listen, and cause disruptions.
I loved the people at Martinsburg, there were so many different personalities which led to lots of friendships being made. I would like to see some of the staff to change, most teachers didn’t seem passionate about teaching
It was a great school. So many motivational teachers to help the students in their need. They spare their time after school to help kids understand the material.
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I enjoy my experience at Martinsburg High School. Not only were the teacher's and parent's involved but so were the coaches so the only thing a student could do is develop and advance. I feel going to Martinsburg prepared me for the next step in my life.
They kelt boosting me up no matter what and led me to where i got now. They impacted my education and that is cery important to me. Strive for the best!
The teachers at Martinsburg High School were mostly very helpful and always willing to help you to understand the work that was being taught.
There are some fun times that happen in this educational environment, however it's sad to say that I have had many issues in just my two years of going to school here. My hopes for this school in the future is that it will improve in certain areas to overall better the school itself, but mainly it's students and their valuable educations.
Martinsburg High School is extremely diverse. There are teachers and students from different countries, showing us their different cultures. It also has lots of clubs and after-school activities that can prepare you for college and help you mature. On the other hand, there's very little discipline to trouble students. There are lots of fights and physical/verbal altercations in between classes with nothing being done about it. Also, we have a number of teachers that didn't take college classes on the subject they are teaching.
I liked most of the teachers and they seemed to actually care about the students but the curriculums weren’t always on top of things and does not prepare you much for College. The administration is also not very understanding with several different situations.
Martinsburg is an average school. The athletics are praised particularly in basketball and football. Academics are OK but get little praise. If your looking to get to the NBA or NFL from this school, you wont get much exposure, but you may be treated like a star.
Not the greatest school in the area, but they do try. Sports is held higher than academics. Spring Mills is a better overall school in this area.
Some of the teachers should be more focused on getting students ready for college but an overall, good high school.
I have had good teachers at Martinsburg High School. I have been involved in the band for the 4 years I have been there and love it. Our school is old and could use some renovations. The bathrooms and locker rooms especially need to be renovated. We have seen other schools in the area get built and renovated but nothing has been done to ours for years. Overall, I have enjoyed my years at MHG
Graduated from Martinsburg in May 2016. Spent four years of my life here. The school needs major renovation to the facilities and its learning equipment. I know the sports teams use fundraisers to aid in uniforms and such, but what are teachers to do for everyday items, like pencils? Teachers end up using their paychecks to provide for their classrooms, where the school cannot. It's not where the school will not provide, but rather where they cannot provide.
the teachers and staff and even the students are very disrespectful and small hearted. and if i could change schools i definitely would.
I enjoyed Martinsburg High School for the opportunities in academics (particularly with honors and AP classes) that helped to prepare me for college. Generally, I had a better experience in high school than I did in middle school.
What could be better is that they could update computer technology, fix the bathrooms, stay on top of restocking bathroom items, and give students more freedom during lunch time (so they do not have to be restricted to the lunch room).
The learning environment, though greatly varied by classroom, is generally hostile. However, I do have multiple teachers with whom I am good friends. Most teachers, though, have minimal, if any, knowledge of their subject. The teachers who do know their subject are often prevented from teaching it, either by policy or by the attitudes and behaviours of the students.
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Martinsburg High School is a very unwelcoming, and physically dirty place. That is- unless you are a football player. The admin. only seem to have interests in the athletes. The academics and over well-being of each individual is very underrated compared to the football team and athletic department. I was displeased in my experienced with the short two years I had to spend there. I am appreciative in the effort that the administration put in the young males that want to pursue athletics beyond high school, but they need to enforce rules, morals, and grades into these young mens' lives. The community is worried for what will happen when these boys enter the "real world" after 4 years of being let of the hook for all of their wrong-doings.
All the teachers except for a few have unique personalities and have their own ways of teaching. The staff always tries to aid any student in need no matter the significance and I just wish some of the students realized that teachers and the staff are also human beings.
Martinsburg High School is the place where I grew most as an individual. The teachers were great and very understanding of students and the process of change. They taught me valuable life lessons, as well as academic lessons. I will forever be grateful for my experiences there and my experiences throughout my high school career.
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