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Martins Mill High School Reviews

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My experience wasn't the best, the academics are cut short while the basketball program gets all the money. The teachers are mediocre, the food is repulsive at times, and there are not many programs for music, art, or science.
Martin's Mill High School is well known not only for its state-winning basketball program, but also for its academics which boasts of academic and robotics UIL champions every year.
Academically, it was a great school (4 out of 5), but other than that, it was a pretty questionable experience.
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A lot of teachers I love and would love to stay in contact with.
Martins Mill is a very small school a lot of people don't expect much from us. We blow the competition out of the water every time when it comes to pretty much anything. Yes i would love to go back to this school if i could i love seeing my friends and everything from praying before the basket ball games on the sidelines to the first tip off at the basketball games to cheering on our amazing boys in girls in any sport.
The Teachers at Martins Mill go out of their way to make sure students get the education they need.
The school is great. My academic ability soared once I began attending this school. The only thing I wish I could change is the politics of a small town school. There are a lot of things that are by-passed, ignored etc. by the school board.
The food is super processed
It's a pretty laid back system if you exclude Mr. Alexander
Athletics is an important part of the school and students are encouraged to participate
This girl got bullied so bad she tried to kill herself in our gym locker room. That's the only scary thing that has happened here in years.
Some teachers don't put in mush effort to teach but some offer a quality education to all students
There is nothing appealing about the food. I don't eat it.
The faculty has favorites. The Hall monitor is extremely rude and creepy.
The more popular sports get a huge budget like 8k, while tennis gets like 500 a year.
There are only a couple of teacher who go above and beyond what's expected.
There are sport activities and also academic activities. Both activities have won several state championships.
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Due to our schools size we do not have many extracurricular activities or clubs. All the funding we do have it seems to go to one sport which is basketball.
The athletic programs at our school are a rich tradition, they are so much fun to attend and be part of. Everyone who participates loves playing the game.
The school does a fantastic job at creating a safe enviornment and the teachers are amazing!
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