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Martins Ferry High School Reviews

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Made good relationships with teachers ever since day one. Teachers provided life long skills for students. Most teachers are down-to-earth and friendly. Teachers are willing to help if student does not understand criteria. The school also provides tutors if needed.
The facilities are newer and provide students an environment conducive for learning.
However the administration lacks what is truly need to provide leadership and caring for students who aren’t part of the “in crowd “.
Sadly my child was a victim of bullying that was minimally adressed by the principals.
School was an unpleasant and sad experience for my child.
My experience with my school has been very positive. The school has given me a good education to give me a good launch point for college. The teachers are nice and patient with their students. The other staff members that are not teachers are also nice and helpful.
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For as long as I could remember I have went to Martins Ferry schools. Its small yes but you know everyone and its not hard to make friends. The teachers and staff are so nice and help you out so much. They are always there if you need extra help or need someone to talk to about a problem. I have made so many good friends and have had the best possible high school experience. Being a purple rider is honestly the best feeling were a team were as one. Its home to me.
Most of the teachers are just here to receive a paycheck. The slim amount of others actually care about there job and the students. The good most definitely don't weigh out the bad.
Some teachers are harder than others.
Our staff is active when situations arise.
Facilities and access are great and widely available.
Sports are a huge focus at Ferry, and a lot of funding and effort goes into maintaining them.
There are many different extracurricular opportunities at Ferry.
The administration at our school is very considerate of the schools on our campus and our needs.
Academics at Ferry span a large range of academic levels. You have a lot of freedom of choice, and teachers are very supportive of your track.
Teachers are very concerned about their students learning and well being.
This school is an excellent community-oriented school. Students come from very different backgrounds, and there are many opportunities to be involved in activities.
I love my school. My friends are amazing and I could never forget the experiences I've had at Martins Ferry Schools. The clubs I'm part of have given me opportunities to work in different environments and gain experience in life. My high school has given me the chance to improve on my leadership skills. Being in different organizations brings different responsibilities. Some more involving than others. I've been able to volunteer in soup kitchens and food pantries, organize fundraisers, be on numerous committees, and go on exclusive trips. I've even been able to be a part of government research dissecting poisonous lion fish in the Keys because of my school. If I had the choice to go to school at Martins Ferry Schools again, I would chose it over everything else. Even though the classes may be for college credit at other school, the classes at Martins Ferry are AP and Honors. I'd imagine that the teachers are much more personable than teachers at a higher ranked academic school would be. I feel like I get more than the knowledge I need through my teachers and the way that they care individually about their students.
Our school has a few clubs. Although most of them are academic. The academic clubs are great though, very active and organized. Others are the Paranormal and Wilderness club. They're less organized and active sadly because of lack of interest from students.
The school building is only 5 years old. The technology is up to date and very accessible.
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Everyone is accepted, even if you are not in the same click. And there is peer pressure, but you are going to find that in any school. However, it is not very socially diverse. It's a small town, not much diversity.
The entire staff at Martins Ferry is extremely helpful and always willing to help. They encourage us to have an education and also do what we feel best for our needs toward school. We also have great policies such as an anti-bullying program to help stop bullying the best we can.
The extracurriculars vary from what you are interested in. We have a huge variety and also great teachers and faculty to help out. Anyone can join no matter when in the school year you would like to.
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