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I really like how there are many teachers to talk to if you are having g trouble or just want to take a break from all the stress. Most teachers are nice and easy going yet they still expect you to finish all your work on time. It's nice knowing there are people out for you and there are so many programs in this school to choose from. However, I would really appreciate if there were more AC's in the building and lockers. It gets very hot during the summer months and it is very distracting. Lockers would be a bonus because then we do t have to carry iht heavy bookbags everywhere. Though there are many positives in this school, there are also some negatives.
i love the chances we get to have a better future, and the opportunities for colleges. i would like to change the cleanliness of the school.
I had a vert good time. Teachers are amazing and has resources to help students to the best of our abilities
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This high school has a tremendous amount of potential, mostly within its students due to the high reputation of students within District 26 schools (regardless of grade).
What I liked about Martin Van Buren was that the college advisor got you prepared for college when you needed to. Was always there when you told her to help you with your essay or submit applications. She was constantly someone you can go to and reach out for help. She is the most sweetest, friendliest and charismatic person I have ever met. She constantly always has a smile in her face that makes the school somewhat better but she was always that one push you needed when you felt like you wanted to give up. Without the help of her, lots of students in the school would be confused and unprepared for what the world had to come in the college life.
My high school experience was very unique due to Martin Van Buren High School. At this school, there is a wide range of clubs to join and many events to participate in. There are cultural days, auction carnivals, drama productions and so much more throughout the school year keeping the students engaged. The faculty at the high school can be very friendly and helpful on your next steps in life. Applying to college at this school is a breeze, the college advisor helps you a lot. To sum it up, the activities/ events at this school are endless, the facilities are amazing and the transportation is not that bad.
Martin Van Buren High School has pleasantly surprised me in regards to its wide variety of A.P classes, sports teams, clubs and supportive staff. Initially, I was skeptical of how my academic career will unfold in this school however I have no regrets and cherish the memories I have made here. The plethora of community service opportunities offered in the Scholars club from tutoring at elementary schools to preparing school events has truly helped develop my character. A.P classes such as A.P Biology and A.P Chemistry which have allowed me to get a head start in my college career were not difficult at all due to my helpful teachers. The faculty has been more than supportive in terms of guiding students to pass classes and regents. Especially the counselors who go out of their way to create a college-going culture within our student body. Each year the school is improving, adding more A.P classes, clubs and even establishing a new science research program. I recommend attending.
Martin van Buren High school is a very diverse school. After immigrating from Bangladesh I had to go to Martin due to zip code schooling rules even though it wasn't my first choice. However when I went there things we're not as bad as I thought. Many people might tell u you about Van Buren not being good but trust me it's all about you more than the school. All teachers are very hard working. They will make you shine. However, even though there are some safety and facility problem but you can overcome it by contributing your good work in school
This school started out tough, but with the new principal, it progressed tremendously. My class was the first class to see a larger number of graduates than in the past and many going to great four-year institutions. It was a school where you had to be independent really quickly, learn from others and educate yourself. Join the Scholar's Committee, you won't regret it!
Hi, being a student at Martin Van Buren is not the worst but does has it’s ups and downs like other schools. For example; the school food in terrible needs to be improved by the mayor.
I like that the teachers always inspire you to do your best. I would want to change the rules for clubs, I wish kids could make there own clubs as well as the teacher.
Based on my experience so far, in Martin Van Buren has been good! The teachers are very nice and the work given is simple. There’s good programs to help build your future career, however the safety could be better and the facility could try harder to help improve the safety of students, but falls short in accomplishing that goal. Although, this high school had a bad reputation, staff are trying hard to improve the academic and punctuality ratings.
Its not a bad school its just the kids in it are. Its in a good community,Friendly environment. I think that they should have more strict rules that the kids will abide to.
I started attending Martin Van Buren in the year that the principal changed. This changed my opinion completely on the school. Obviously, so did everyone else. Van Buren became a more eventful, much less dangerous, and eduactionally powerful school. The school motivates you to become a much more outgoing person both in and out of school. There are special organizations that motivate many students to thrive and do more to improve their grades. Though, as grades are of high priority, Martin Van Buren high school is a place where you can have an interest and with time and effort become an adept at it.
Van Buren allowed me to grow as a person and a leader. Surrounded by people of multifarious backgrounds, I have learned to look at the world through different lens. It allowed me to achieve my childhood dream of being involved with the Student Government and also explore other fields than Pre-Med. Through clubs and sports, I met wonderful people who wishes for my future to be bright.
My experience was okay, my expectations for this school was low due to rumors I've heard and it's overall reputation. My freshman and sophomore year were okay but my junior and senior year (this year) is a lot of fun. My senior class is such a good group of people, I'm so thankful for that. I have met friends that are so dear to me in this school and I'm currently dating someone I love very much.
I really like the student council and Honors classes in this school. The teachers are very nice and the counselors are very kind and considerate. They look out for you. Every school has its own problems and the only problem in our school is how 'some' students treat the teachers. They don't show respect. Otherwise all teachers are good at what they teach and the overall environment is okay.
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I like that the school makes it possible to pass, if you missing a credit or two they find multiple ways to make the credits up. I would like to see change the time they speak to us about college and sat they should start with 9th grade so we know what we are in for and do not have to be stress in the 12th grade to get a high score on the Sat.
The school was fine for general education, but searching for anything creative or any activities outside of normal schoolwork was almost useless.
Martin van buren is a wonderful high school located in a very nice and safe neighborhood.Teachers and staff a very friendly and welcoming, I definitely enjoyed my days at Martin van buren, I was a top student at Martin van Buren I was on honor roll and apart of the track and field team. I won medals and trophies for my school and team not only for athletics skills but also for my academic performance.Being the only girl with the highest GPA on the team that felt good,Thanks to my wonderful,inspiring and motivational coach who help to aim high. Thanks to Martin Van Buren for bringing out the best in me
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