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I did not necessarily like the school, but it did provide me with a safe place to learn, with awesome teachers. However, the school diversity was not very good and the school spirit was lacking. It was hard for me to fit in. I did get a lot out of the academics though, which I am happy for.
It was a great 3 years that I experienced at Martin Middle School. Very fun times that i experienced as a part of the mustangs. The teachers were great, the atmosphere of the school was fantastic and the friends that i made here will last a lifetime. Martin really prepared me for high school life, and the workload was very fitting to what you see in an average high school classroom
I love Martin Middle school. They have the best teachers they're so nice and they have the best system. They dont tolerate bullying.
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Academics are average. Bullying is very much present and not much is done about it. Beware, your child most certainly will be bullied if he/she has any physical difference/deformity. It happened to my child in 2010-2011 school year. We're glad we left this school...
everything is kept up with
facilities are neat and clean
teachers need to give out more detentions to problem kids
Some teachers don't care but most do.
Overall a great school with so many electives to choose from. Only problem is that a lot of the teachers don't handle "problem" kids the right way and they disrupt the class and there are a couple teachers who have no idea what they are doing
Lots of sports and other clubs such as science olympiad and battle of the books.
While there is some bullying and fights, the teachers and staff end it quickly.
Friend groups are usually split up by race, gender and/or religion. There is not much hate towards other groups but everything is just separated by students.
The food options were average cafeteria foods. I believe there should have been a healthier selection of food choices and ones that cater to students with special dietary needs. But hey, atleast it filled you up.
There are obvious separations between ethnic groups even though no overt racism occurs. Most people at the school wear the same brand names so there can be pressure to fit in.
I think Martin is one of the nicest facilities in town. They recently remodeled parts of it so the buildings are very new and have wide hallways to accommodate the large volume of student traffic throughout the day. The new buildings also let in a lot of natural light so the school saves energy and is very bright on sunny days. Counselors are willing to reach out to students which was very nice.
Martin offers the usual sports you would find at any other middle school. However, the football team wasn't good so fan support was very low. However, we excelled in other areas like soccer and basketball. We also had very nice facilities for the teams to practice in and for gym classes.
Although, there can be a lot of pressure to fit in with certain cliques or buy certain clothes, my overall experience was enjoyable. I loved being a part of the soccer and track team. Spanish club was also one of my favorite experiences. I went in to Martin not knowing anyone, but in the end I met a lot of friendly people and formed relationships that have lasted well into high school. So if I had to choose this school again, I would.
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Martin was a very safe environment to learn in. Teachers were always on-duty, whether it be changing classes or at the carpool line after school. Although bullying was not a frequent issue, teachers and staff were always sure to provide a safe-haven for any students who felt uncomfortable.
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