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Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Reviews

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Not many people enjoy their middle school existence, but mine was bad. When I went there, the facilities were terribly average and there was not a lot of school spirit. The food was not that good as well. Many of my teachers were nice and helpful, though.
My children all attended MLK and enjoyed their wonderful and caring teachers. There are many electives to chose from like band, AVID, peer leadership, computers and art. Students can join clubs my son and daughter were on the chess club. All the teachers were caring and supportive.
I love the safe and friendly environment. The teachers are amazing! The students attending the school are nice and help everyone. The school activities created are not only educational but are truly fun to do! The only factor I do not enjoy is the cafeteria food which is in need of improvement but in general, the school is delightful and enjoyable.
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MLK Jr. Middle School has provided so much for me in my 3 years attending. I was given the opportunity to participate in sports that were never properly introduced to me before. This led me to developing a great love for the athletic department and all staff that were a part of it. MLK contains many fun, growing clubs and programs for tudents to get involved in. This school also gave me a great education, an open mind to various subjects, and tight relationships with not just my peers, but with my teachers and coaches as well.😊
I am a student at MLK and I can not say I don't like it here, yet I also can't say I do. I love all of my teachers, but not their common core teaching style. Only a select few are kind well-rounded people, but that is something that you just have to deal with. It's just life, after all.
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