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Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School Reviews

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I liked everything about this school. The teachers are great, I learned a lot, and the people are diverse and friendly. Overall, it is an excellent school and I highly recommend going here.
Mlk provided amazing access to college preparatory classes and services. While rigorous the school with out a doubt leaves you ready for the fast pace of college classes and all around made the transition from high school to college a lot easier than what I've heard my peers struggle with. Not only does Mlk provide superior academics but it also offers a variety of clubs and opportunities to explore interests and hobbies. I myself was part of the XC team and Latin Dance both of which made my senior year all the more memorable. Without a doubt Mlk is an excellent school that truly sets you on a path to success.
Very good school academically and very interactive with activities outside of school. Also, a lot of work to help get ready for college.
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I absolutely loved going to school here. I graduated in 2016 before all the changes were made to the school but I'm amazed that they felt the need to change a lot of things for the better. I had the most amazing teachers who tremendously prepared me for college and I'm so appreciative for everything they did for me.
MLK has been a long but fun last 5 years. Now I’ll be a senior and I’ll miss this school very much. I witnessed a lot of changes through the school and also with myself. MLK is the reason i am how i am, no matter how you view me. I thank MLK and can’t wait to give back and see how it is in the future.
The teachers, staff, and environment all gave me the opportunity to succeed. The work I was given throughout high school led me to be well prepared for college.
It was a great school that prioritizes education, but in a difficult way. It definitely prepares you for college and helps student get an idea of what college is like. It is a tough school, as it is a magnet school. Students there had their own friend groups, so friendships weren't a very good experience. Some teachers were great, others not so much. Staff is average. It's very crowded.
My experience at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School was decent although I still have 1 more year to go before I graduate. I wouldn’t say anything in particular is bad but the academic pressure to achieve great scores and go to a excellent college can be a bit too much at times. It feels like the scores matter more than the academics themselves. Of course, the change in some academics such as math is not the school’s fault but the district, there was a change from the traditional math system to a new system that was designed to help students transition easier from Algebra to Geometry. This itself was somewhat stupid but the school itself is not at fault. Many teachers do care but at times just can’t teach to be honest. During this renovation at MLK, I wish that we would actually get things that we needed rather than things we don’t need such as surround speakers for the auditorium....
Martin Luther King High is a school that goes above and beyond to make you feel like you apart of a family.
Pretty well made building as well as teachers who will bring out the your student’s/child’s potential. From 7th to 12th grade, MLK will be a special and amazing experience
It was very difficult for me at first since it was my first year in high school but it helped me make new friend that would last forever and helped me open the box I've closed myself from the outside world metaphorically.
I love the diversity at Martin Luther King magnet, there are people from all different kind of backgrounds and countries. MLK does an amazing job at preparing the students for college level classes.
I'm finishing out my junior year at MLK, but I feel that the school has been amazing for me so far. Being there has helped me learn how to organize my time and learn how to take control of my own future and responsibilities. The school is well known for its rigor and it has put me under a ton of stress over the years, but I know it'll be worth it.
This school served as such a great foundation for launching me into life after high school. Just as their mission statement states, they really do a great job at preparing you for post-secondary studies through a highly challenging curriculum that emphasizes science and mathematics. Another great aspect of this school is its richness in ethnic and cultural diversity—something I've grown to appreciate even after my time there.
MLK offers an environment unlike other zoned high schools, where students can have learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. There is diversity amongst the student body and faculty which allows kids to recognize the benefits of being different and prepare them for real world living.
The school is great academically. When it comes to staff and faculty, there could be some changes made. Also the assistant principal and principal treated students as if they were inmates. Maximum penalties were given to any bad decisions.
It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed all four years here. I've learned and grown so much. The teachers actually care about the students and want them to succeed. Each class is like a small family we all work together for the common goal, graduation and college.
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MLK truly prepares its students for post-secondary education but can sometimes suck the fun out of the "high school experience."
After four years of extreme procrastination, endless tears, and sleepless nights, I would have never imagined myself saying that I am truly thankful for the high school experience that I received here at Martin Luther King Jr. High school. MLK's astonishing diversity, rigor in academics, and focused environments have allowed for the students to grow into incredibly intelligent and well prepared young adults. Although MLK's academics are exemplary, its student culture and family like connection is what really sets our school apart from others. Bullying has never been an major issue here, and fights are honestly considered one of the 7 wonders. Probably the best part of the student culture here is how we all can come together and put aside our differences in order to represent our school at sporting events. The school spirit at games against rival schools are astounding and shows how much we will represent our school.
Over the four year i have been at MLK the school has gotten better. The food could use some work but other then that I would say that I had a great time there.The people there are nice and the school is constantly upgrading to the newest technology.
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