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Martin Luther King Jr. High School Reviews

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Martin Luther King Jr. High School opened my eyes to diversity. I grew up to only seeing one color, in and outside of school. I was always told, that is what held me back. Broadening my horizons to other ethnicities and different religions I believe it helped increase my ability to become a better student and person.
Martin Luther King Jr. High School provides a kind staff, influential teachers, as well as many opportunities and classes that students can take advantage of to further their career interests. I feel that I am always encouraged and motivated to learn in this school environment, and feel that anyone can succeed in this setting.
The school is mundane when it comes to curriculum. They love to fund programs that are successful and not help pay for the programs that can't later result in profit. Engineering and some sports are funded heavily with fundraisers and the departments in technology and ASB make a lot of money. Staff could handle situations better, especially with rumors and mental health.
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I believe King is a good school to attend to for a high school. You can get a full experience out of the school with its many clubs, sports, and outside activities that are offered there. From my experience, I have met quite a few teachers throughout my four years at this high school, that have completely changed my life. I would say they've helped shape me and taught me great things that I have grown a passion for. King is a school that does their best to prevent anything bad from happening and worries about the safety of their students. If I were to change anything about this school, I would just add some more variety of sports. Other than that, King offers a good amount of diversity, good education, help, and support from the teachers as well as the rest of the staff.
My experience with this school was okay, wouldn’t say it’s the best. Some teachers taught poorly, having little to no dedication in their work ethics. The school itself was okay, I wasn’t very active with the school, not doing clubs or athetlics, the people and atmosphere/environment had cocky people and wasn’t very welcoming
The school itself is good however with tight administration and a school culture that is addicted to getting good grades and trying to be perfect, it's hard to stand out when everyone is trying everything without any sense of direction.
I loved this school. There was a lot of diversity, great teachers, and fun sports programs. The teachers are generally willing to help you out if you ask and the classes are good quality, especially most of the advanced placement classes.
The four years I spent at King high school provided me with the knowledge I needed to get through college. I felt safe coming to school and the teachers did their very best to see students succeed.
The teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly, encouraging their students toward success. The campus is big with a lot of (maybe too many) students. I had a great high school experience there.
There are many great programs to get involved with at King. Most teachers encourage their students to get involved, and will help them to find clubs or programs that they feel comfortable in. However, every lower level math teacher, except for the remedial ones, seem to be disinterested in teaching. If they do teach, their students often still struggle a lot to keep up in class.
Many of the teachers were amazing, but in order to get the amazing teachers you had to take the higher level classes.
The teachers here are great and they always try to make learning engaging and a fun experience. They always push the students to do their best and even when they underperform, they always encourage improvement and sinking time into more advanced learning. The student body is also great with outstanding school spirit that never fails to amaze. The environment and culture that surrounds the school is also great. The only true complaint about this school is the cleanliness being not so stellar.
I would like to see some more open mindedness, but change is gradual. I loved going to high school here.
I loved how involved the teachers were with their students. They helped us progress into young adults for both in and out of the classroom and my morals, values and knowledge come from them and I am so thankful to have spent four years at this remarkable high school.
MLK is a great school with lots of different sports, music and clubs for a wide variety of students to enjoy. There is something to do here for everyone. The campus is clean, well laid out, "not" overrun with portables, plenty of parking, with excellent athletic facilities and great community support. The band and cheer programs are very strong here, along with the athletic teams, so there is balance between athletics and the other clubs and groups. Administration is supportive of the students and there are lots of specialized programs for academic and social challenge.
While it is a pretty large school at over 3,000 students, it has so many clubs and groups for students to join, you can find your niche by joining one of the many sports, clubs and groups on campus. The teachers are engaged and you have the opportunity to take some challenging courses (i.e. Advanced Placement) and even unique programs, such as Engineering. They have a lot of programs to help students assimilate into such a large school. I belonged to a program called PAWSS, where I was paired up with a special needs student to help them get comfortable with King High. I also was involved in LINK Crew, where I was paired up with several freshman as an upper classmen, where I served as an adviser and mentor for the younger students to help them deal with the educational rigors and transition pain points of moving up to high school.
Immigrating to the United States is an enormous movement that leads me to recognize the value of perseverance and passion, the necessity of real learning, which is the process of fusing content knowledge with real-world situations. After one semester in ELD class, I have learned that skills are built through practice; I decided to switch out to regular Language Arts along with other elective courses to enhance my English proficiency through speaking, listening, and writing skills in daily use.
For the time being, it has been my good fortune to be surrounded by inspirational teachers and staff, and my talented friends who always give me sufficient support to overcome my fears in this foreign land. I am genuinely thankful for all the opportunities I have been given which have helped me grow intellectually, personally, and emotionally during my high school tenure. I will continue to embrace the advantage to better myself every day.
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Overall Martin Luther King High School is a very good school, I have enjoyed my four years there and for the most part, they have wonderful teachers who genuinely care about the well being of their students.
I have only gone to Martin Luther King Jr. High School for one school year, but I have have made so many friends and learned so much. The sports and clubs are great at what they do and have no trouble welcoming others. The ASB program will always make sure you have school spirit and something to look forward too. This is a great high school and I can’t wait to make more memories here.
Martin Luther King is a great high school and I am very glad and fortunate that I was able to attend this school. The school has a very clean campus and an excellent education program. The reason for the 4 stars is that the school can sometimes be more strict than it has to be which is in some cases understandable. Overall I had an amazing experience at this school I would recommend this school to anyone.
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