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Martin Luther King Jr. High School Reviews

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My overall experience at Martin Luther King Jr. High School was great. Don’t get me wrong, each year did have its own obstacles but it shaped me into the person I am today. I was pretty involved in school doing cheerleading, gymnastics, and track and field. They’re some things I wish I would’ve done differently in high school but that’s part of the learning process.
I've just recently graduated from MLK and I can say that this school is horrible. The staff and teachers are very unprofessional. The teachers are not very helpful. If I had to learn something I had either ask another student or learn it from another source. I don't even know how this school is still up and running.
I like the fact that the faculty is doing a good job keeping Dr.Kings vision alive. I also like the fact that the teachers and staff actually push students to do better and to achieve higher goals. They bring out a inner self in you that you never knew existed and this inner you strives for better and does better.
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I find that the MLK education is like no other. There is pride throughout no matter what the results of yesterday’s game was. People are proud to be at MLK
My experience at his school was enjoyable yet harsh. The students were tough, the teachers were tougher, and overall I was afraid to go to school. I graduated on time as the top of my class but still my school years could've been me memorable.
My experience at Martin Luther King Jr. High School was average. What I liked about Martin Luther king Jr. High School is some of the teachers and their teaching skills. I would like to see the student change from that school.
Martin Luther King Jr. High School is an awesome school. It's like a home away from home , and although i love this school to death, there are some things I would like to see improvements on. For example, I know every teenager is different and it isn't likely that u can literally relate to every single one. But, i suppose it is possible in specific ways. Now, I know it has always been the students job to take care of their business and contact their teachers when needed but sometimes during my high school experience, i felt that the teachers could have done a little more outside of class time to provide students with the extra attention needed. Each student is still an individual and should not become generalized into it's public surroundings. But other than teacher involvement, the school is great.
I liked my peers everyone with their own personality, the teacher's and councilors are very hands on in my learning ability so much so i had a mentor who when I didn't believe in myself he did.
The band is amazing there and the administration is very attentive . the people here at the school is nice. the sports are great especially the track team. The school events is always impressive at all times. The administration awards students for their academic achievement by hosting celebrations for everyone. We have a good student council that does the best they can for the students. We at all costs avoid trouble . The idea I would like to change is the underclassmen behavior .
I've managed to make it through all four years of Martin Luther King Jr. High School and honestly, its not AS BAD that everyone makes it out to be. The teachers do actually care about students (not all of them) and actually want your child to succeed, its just a matter of will your child will allow them to do so. If you have a child that actually wants to excel then they will, but if you have a child that likes to play around then they will fall into the basic MLK stereotype. Although, if it is possible to place your child in a better high school or even school district then do so because as a whole DeKalb County is behind when it comes to what we learn in school.
I would love more diversity in the school and more resources for students preparing for college. I feel if I were offered better then I would do better, as would anybody else at my school. I hope that one day my school can.
My experience here wasn't really the best. I enjoyed my 4 years but its just so unorganized. The work wasn't hard, i would just like to see more involvement.
Its a decent School. I wish the food was better though. Some of the teachers here aren't the best teachers and the can be stressful at times. Id like to see a change in the way the teachers teach so the material is better understood by all students.
The school is amazing in a very close community. Administrations #1 goal is student safety. Test scores are amazing. five stars.
What i liked abouth the school were the very educated teachers who cared about the students. They pushed us to succed. Something they could change is the dirty bathrooms they were not very well kept.
Mlk has been through its ups and down as a student ive witness a lot of good and bad at my school but i am happy to be graduating from MLK high school.
My experience was pretty average. I loved the friends I got from just being apart of the school. The opportunities I've gotten to challenge myself in different ways as an artist and be able to grow. There are teachers that's just there to get a paycheck but in the last two years I've seen things get better. Staff is really there to help you succeed and grow and create change in our community.
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Martin Luther King is a very interesting high school to attend. There are several different clubs to be apart of, even though I didn't join any. Other students have told me, that the clubs are a great way to meet new students. I would change they way the school organizes and does certain things.
I liked the extracurricular activities, along with the school functions (sports games & band). And thier efforts to make a new change
The school overall is the average high school, there are many things that need to be adjusted, however. The academics and better enforcement of rules is a major problem. Also, more school spirit and engagement to learn is wanted.
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