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Martin Luther King Jr. Early College Reviews

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Throughout my whole experience in Martin Luther King Jr. Early College I've had some really great teachers. In fact, some of my favorite teachers are teachers that at some point worked here. They not only taught me a lot academically, but also a lot about life. They prepared me for real life and that is something teachers should do. But just like any other school, I've had some of my worst teachers here. They didn't have the patience or kindness to teach. In addition, I feel like this school tries to include everyone no matter their religion, race, etc. They try to include people's cultures into our events and out activities. Overall, I feel like this school is not as bad as people make it seem.
My experience at MLk has been good. I've been at Mlk since I was in 7th grade and now I'm a high school sophomore. I feel safe at the school and the district is very strict about attendance. The teachers are good teachers and I learn a lot from them, they courage their students and push them to become successful and make more opportunities available. This school is really big and focuses on their students safety and culture. They often celebrate the community and assemblies that entertain and make school rules very clear. This school is fair and does a very good job on making the schools rules clear. 'm currently studying here and wouldn't have a problem on graduating high from here.
My experience with MLK was incredible. I was welcomed on day one and had alot of support al though middles school and high school. MLK also offeres concurrent enrolment classes that out me a semester ahead in college. I am trult thankful for this experience and would love to be part of the evolution of the school. I am currently helping out by coaching our Student Board of Education team as well.
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Some of the best memories of my life were made here. I attended this school since I was in the 6th grade. I made lots of friends with my peer and the staff. The teachers were always very friendly to all of the students. There is a lot of diversity present and a zero tolerance bullying rule. This place was like my second home and I am happy I got to attend MLK. I gained many opportunities at this school including gaining college credit, joining volunteer programs and even joining after school programs such as drumline and marching band.
Milk staff does a great job at teaching you what you need to know, helping you do your best to accomplish your goals, and to get you to graduate.
Small to medium size high school has its benefits considering you get to know the teachers well and therefore they help you out more. great principle who always seeks out to get programs into the school.
The school did not prepare me for the SAT. I had no direction when it came to studying. It also preaches about diversity and yet only offers Spanish as the second language.
My experience at MLK has been great. The teachers and staff are great and they put their all into the students. There are soo many opportunities at MLK that allow students to take advantage of the “ Early college “ aspect of the school. I myself have been givin the opportunity to collect college credit while still in high school which I love. I would highly recomand MLK to any parents that may be looking for a middle or high school for their student.
I've been enrolled at MLK since my Freshmen year. It has been a great honor to graduate now as a senior from this early college high school. The teachers and the staff make you always feel welcome, any new student will feel involved and adapt quickly. MLK is a great school for any student.
MLK gives every student that enters their doors at 7:30 in the morning a chance to reflect on the previous day, find things to work on, perfect their craft, help and chance others, build meaningful relationships, all while being globally aware so by the time the bell rings at 2:45, you’re a brand new person everyday with all the skills to survive in this brutal world.
I liked how small the school was but that is also something I really disliked about it. I would change the fact that the school is for both middle and high school students.
I love the unity our school has. My school has a great community surrounded by it and I feel as thought that is what makes our school feel so connected. One major thing I would like to change would be the admins role. I wish that they would be more connected with the students and worry about how each student is doing rather than making everything about how our school looks or appears.
I enjoyed growing up in MLK from the start when I was a 6th grader. Growing up with my peers and having amazing teachers helping me making me a better student and person was a great experience to have with them. I'm going to miss all my teachers, not only where they proficient and caring when it came to teaching us and helping us even if it meant spending their time during lunch or after school to give us that extra support we needed.
DMLK is my home. The people here are absolutely amazing and helpful. We are a family here, and we help each other. We are connected with the community and I am proud to say that I'm part of the panthers.
The teachers are very good. A lot of them are very knowledgeable and patient. However, the students there are disrespectful. Many of them don't care about their work or the work of other students; they would much rather slack off and distract others. These students unfortunately make up most of the school, resulting in constant bad experiences.
Overall it is a great school, they prepare you pretty well for college and teacher there are about students success
Wonderful school, great for college prep and earning college credits. The school diversity has many people of color. School discipline might not be where it should be.
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This school, Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. Early College is one of the best high schools I've ever attended throughout my high school years. Reasons why, this schools supports you til the last minute and lead you on to a better path to success. Our teachers try their best to help us and support us throughout the years, and our teaching system is what that's helping our students become succesful. MLK has a huge program that helps this school give the students the preparation for college - my school is seriously an early college for us. MLK's environment is such a positive environment for students such as teenagers, we always respect each other! We all love how diverse This school is.
My experience at Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College is great. The staff of the school cares about the student's future and help you ready to go to college. That's why it's called early college for a reason. the teachers are amazing it builds a relationship between the teacher and the students and teacher cares so much and look after the student. As a former high school student I wasn't a 3.5 and above type of student. I was worker really hard trying to get all A's. It's harder than college to be honest. The change I like to see is the school needs to settle down pushing their students to hard and find ways to make them successful at a college class in high school.
I went to this school from 6th to 12th grade and I had an amazing experience being there. The teachers really do care and have great relationships with their students. There are so many resources to help students with anything they need help with. The administration and staff are like family and know the students well and have good relationships with them as well. When it came to preparing for college, you could find help everywhere and those who wanted to go to college were guaranteed to with all the help they received at this school. Not only that but after students graduate, the school keeps in touch with them to make sure they're being successful and also lets them know that even though they're graduated they can always come back here for help.
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