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Safety is a major issue at this school. Many of the teachers are truly inadequate in lesson planning, respectful communication, awareness and many other attributes necessary for success. The staff is only there for a paycheck. Most of the students interested in an education are physically, emotionally and mentally bullied into conforming to the general lack of faculty and student interest permeating throughout the school. The atmosphere is that of kids setting fires in the classroom and allowing the entry of dangerous students and non-students into the building for nefarious reasons. This not a place for your child to learn, grow or acheive. I only give it a rating of (1) because the doors are still open.
It all depends on the mindset of that students. If that students has a strong mindset as myself, then they will not be influenced by peer pressure, but typically students are overwhelmed with the need to be one with the group.
Since the drastic changes that have occured, teachers have no clue as to what to do, because the teachers were only notified about the new school system only a couple days before the new school year. They try their hardest to do the best for there student, but something just isn't right.
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Over the past year, there has been a lot of changes. There was a new principal, a lot of faculty members - teachers, roster chair person, guidance counselor, etc.- left at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. Since then, the school has been plummeting down. There are problems with student's rosters, there are a lot of substitute teachers, there are too many unnecessary electives and no one knows what's going on. I am hopeful that everything will move forward for the best but as of now, the future seems dim.
My School is a little Diverse We have a lot of are students that come from Jamaica and Haiti that attend are school. My School also haves plenty of support programs that help many of the Haitian students learn English and we offer and show them the city and teach them plenty of our history and background many of our foreign students end up taking residence and becoming legal citizens.My school is not really recognized for helping foreign students get into good colleges and varies university. And becoming citizens but it does and many of the Faculty and alumina really help these students out a lot. The program started of small in has grown over the last 4 years.
It's okay it's best school in Philly but it's not the worst school either.
They school is some what a safe school with lots off sercurity and staff. They make sure the school is as safe as possible.
It's a okay school it would be better if we had more funding. But the school has really improve with the new staff. But the 10th graders need more improvement. Beside that it's good public school with let of programs academically. The school offers student government ,basketball ,basketball ,football ,cheerleading ,soccer, drum line ,and many more . And the teachers and staff really enaged with the students well being and their future.
Students make it difficult for pther students to learn. Their ignorance hurts intelligence students. The teachers are great though, but if they had better students, it would be a satisfying school.
I fell safe 50% of the time that I spend in school each day
There aren't many good extracurricular activities that interest me in my highschool
So far all of the teachers that have taught me we excellent
My time at Martin Luther King has really opened my eyes for the better. I learned that if you really want something you have to work hard for it. Martin Luther King High School is not as easy as people portrayed it be. Being at King you have to stay focus because of the nonsense that goes on. You have to stay on straight in narrow way in order to make it out of this school. It's so easy to get of track in hang with the wrong people and indulge with the nonsense that takes place.
It's an okay school. Nothing to good nothing to bad
School isn't the worst i've been to but its bad here. The students do not affect me I still get my work done, the school doesn't make me I make me.
It's kinda bittersweet, you will like it at first but then you will have the fighting and the drama you will hate it.
It was just a fun experience, wish I could go back
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I love my school. Love the name. Some students try a or are trying to do there best but the crappy attitude of teachers, staff and peers hinder such dedication. I am focus an content, so whatever they do doesn't bother me unless it interferes with my work, grades or learning. Also, the ignorance of people are unbearable but it doesn't happen a lot.
Some of the teachers were awesome, a few bad apples though. Our principle knew us so well, at time he paid more attention to the cameras than us... but overall he knew us one by one.
Though I don't like this school as a whole there are some individual components that I enjoy the security guards are funny and are usually very cool and understanding, and I met a lot of awesome people who turned out to be a critical part of myself today. Dr. Tolliver was my biology teacher at king he believed in my potential and to this day pushes me to do better. Without him I probably would not even had considered college an option.
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