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Martin Luther charges more than most in state colleges for a high school degree that is barely worth the paper it was printed on. The curriculum is limited to core classes, AP classes, and a handful of electives. Seeing my younger siblings go through the local public school and coming home with a small book filled with class selections for the upcoming semester always made me jealous as I had the option of picking from maybe 3-4 electives instead. Maybe this problem could be overlooked if it offered a community that was Christ centered and nurtured students as it's website and brochures love to proclaim. In reality you would fail to differentiate the faculty and student body from any other school, public or private, found in the area.
I had phenomenal teachers who not only cared about the education they were providing but also the students themselves. High school kids are always problematic regardless of where you are, but sometimes smaller schools amplify the cliques and drama. Also, the facility is quite old and has not had very many renovations.
Overall I've had a wonderful educational experience. I had a 21 mile commute to school, but it was worth the effort. Mostly caring staff. There are always people who will make things more difficult, but overall I enjoyed my high school.
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After attending Martin Luther High School for almost four years, I have seen a dramatic impact the school's faculty and curriculum has left on me. The teachers in this school continuously reached out to me, making sure I was doing okay. I was convinced by many of my peers to join the wrestling team, and three years later I am the captain of other people I now call brothers and sisters. Leadership was not the only thing that Martin Luther taught me. I learned the true meaning of commitment, hard work, and the importance of academics. The courses provided in the school curriculum are challenging ones that prepare students for college as well as the common hardships of life. Had I not attended this assiduous school, many opportunities that I have now, would not be available to me. In conclusion, Martin Luther High School is one of the greatest educational institutions to ever be established.
I like the diversity and open-mindedness in the school. Teachers are very one-to-one with the students.
MArtin luther is a great school to go to. They have extremely dedicated teachers who TRULY care about you and your academic development while also developing your spiritual values and relationship with Christ.
The majority of the staff is linked to Hales Corners and shows bias towards outsiders. Tuition is obnoxiously high for the low quality of teaching, and anything other than the basketball and football program receives little to no care at all.
I ended up leaving this school after a few years because my experience there was so terrible. There is a clear agenda at this school, and if you are not from Hales Corners or are amazing at sports, you are treated like a second class citizen. The drama department and everything else besides basketball and football receives little to no funding, advertisement, or recognition. It was frustrating as a student to ask about graduation requirements and have several staff members respond differently. The National Honors Society program at this school is biased and rigged, because over qualified applicants were turned down and certain under qualified applicants were accepted. The quality of the staff members and student body has decreased over the years that I attended, and continue to drop. The punishments are not fair, and the Dean of Students plays favorites in handing them out.
It was a great school that really prepares their students for college. Their AP placement classes are one of the best in the state. It does have its drawbacks such as the school not being diverse which affected school culture. Those things need to change besidesome that it is an overall great school
I went to school at Martin Luther high school for all four years of my high school career. Martin Luther has a lot to offer, plenty of sports, committees, fine arts, and much more. I have to say that the staff and the academics at Martin Luther was my favorite part. The faculty at Martin Luther went through some changes while I was there, but all of the new faculty that they are getting extremely capable and do a great job of connecting to students. Finally, the academics at Martin Luther are superb. I feel that I was prepared very well for my classes that I am now taking in college. A very great school overall!
The teachers at Martin Luther High School genuinely care about each student individually. They are so friendly and communicate so well. Each teacher has their own teaching style but each student knows the teaching styles of each of their teachers. They are so consistent in grading and get it in the grade book ASAP for the students to see.
There are not a whole lot of options for people who are not into sports.
It needs to be higher quality for the price we are paying.
Ms. Knox is unintelligent, and unapproachable.
I enjoy participating in extracurriculars, especially sports.We are a very competitive school and rank well in the sports I participate in.
People in authority tend to try to be more friends than actual authority figures and that makes the students think they are able to get away with bullying or making others feel unsafe.
The school in general could be better but I enjoy it more than I would any other school
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Some teachers only try just as hard as they have to in order to keep their job but they do not have a real passion for teaching
Most of the teachers try to help each student to succeed and understand the criteria being taught.
Expected more academic excellence and much better coaching staff.
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