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Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr. Discovery Academy Reviews

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It's pretty good, wish there were more people and AP classes offered. We don't even have Spanish 3 offered at school anymore.
This school takes all the hard work that you've built up, then throws it out the window. NDA gives students an excess amount of work, often being busy work, and then grades with extreme difficulty. This causes grades to go down, and often leading to the students dropping out and going back to their old schools. Quoted from an already graduated student, "I am having in easier time her *UNC Chapel Hill* then I had in High School". 10/10 would not recommend going here, save yourself.
My experience at Martin L. Nesbitt Discovery Academy has been outstanding. Their encouragement of family involvement made the application/acceptance process very welcoming. I feel like I am part of a team of like-minded students who are study focused and highly motivated for success. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted to this S.T.E.M. school my Freshman year and have this amazing learning experience from hand selected teachers/instructors who love their jobs as well as their students. My school has provided a challenging, hands-on approach to learning that I will take with me into the future as I work to make a positive difference in this world. Thank you!
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I've enjoyed my experience here and, even though there were many times where I was very stressed, I felt like I was given the resources to succeed. I feel as though it really helped me on the road to success in my college path and career path.
My High School is incredibly small, our maximum capacity is four hundred students. This microscopic size breeds incredibly tight woven social webs and friendships. Our school is fed into by all the middle schools in the county resembling a melting pot of political, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This diverse blend fills me with pride every day I attend school, attempting to transcend the boundaries that the world tried so desperately to impose. Democrat or Republican, Religious or Atheist, always such incredible social polarization. As a teenager it's incredibly difficult escape this segregation of ideology. So I take pride that my place of learning greatly inhibits such blatant discrimination with an accepting atmosphere.
I was able to pick and choose what courses I wanted to take off-campus at our partner college which let me explore Emergency Services and Aviation. In my final two years, my schedule was completely mine to create.
This school not only prepares you for the future and college, it also sets you up for success. With innovative classes, and a new, improved classroom setting, you are guaranteed to succeed in life after attending stem. This is a great opportunity to ang freshman looking for a change during high school.
Nesbitt Discovery Academy is an incredible public school in Asheville, NC. You do have to complete a pretty intense application process and only 100 students are selected per grade. Overall its a great public school that takes the science and math route of education very seriously
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