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What can I say about my school. Well if I hadn't had the opportunity to attend college classes my Junior and Senior years I would not have been ready for college, but at least my school gave me that opportunity. The teachers are great but there are just not enough of a variety of classes. There is virtually no diversity in this school, the food is terrible, and most of the other things about this school is average. What I can say is that if you are a parent that wants to be involved in your child's education this is a good place to go. It is a very small school so you can participate in almost anything and everything. My experience was very good at this school but others disagree and the facts tell it all.
Love the people we are like one big family with exceptions of course like any other school there are cliches but most people can fit into more than one but the food is gross they try but I feel like we're they get it from tastes plastic like burritos with gravy we also don't have a library which is terrible all we have are computers but we are small and we get what we get and we appreciate it
I enjoyed my time at Martin High School, the staff has a genuine passion for the student and their learning.
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I love Martin, but it's full of students who don't care
They are strict about the dress code for girls, but not to strict on bullying
A few of the teachers do a good job educating the students of Martin High School but more of them just let students slide by and not do what should be required of them to graduate.
The school is very safe. nothing happenes at school or on school grounds, its after school or weekends that everything happens
There are few teachers who try very hard at their job but then others who don't do any extra then what is expected.
Prices are very high for amount of food given.
We have few sports to choose from. All the organizations are difficult to get into if you don't have a well known last name. There is much favoritism at our school.
Not a lot of technology options, facilities aren't the greatest. No college prep courses.
All of our textbooks are very old, and out of date. They do not always have to correct information in them. We have limited computers, and we do NOT have a library.
There is yearbook, student council, sports, and national honors society.
The teachers here are amazing. I feel like I'm actually learning a great deal of things I will need and use in the "real world" and the work force. We had a zoology class one year that was pretty interesting and very popular. PE is very popular as well.
We have an advance PE class during the day. Also practices for sports and many weight room opportunities in the afternoons.
Martin is very wishy washy at times with discipline at the school. It really just depends on who you are such as what your last name is. There are many families in this town who could possibly do alot of damage to the school and or the principal/staff if their feathers are ruffled. Sadly the school caves in for that.
Everyday there is a different special on the menu. But then there are different food options as well, like sandwiches, pizza, salads, and a lot of fruit. The lunch staff is very nice and friendly.
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We have a bullying policy at Martin. If you take part in bullying in any way shape or form you get suspended. No excuses. There has never been a time where I haven't felt safety in my school, and I think that says alot.
If I had to choose all over again I think I would have kept my decision the same. Although Martin does have its fair share of petty and pointless drama, it really is a good place to be. The teachers at our school are very involved and very caring. I owe a lot to the Blackburns in particular, they have given myself and many other students so much directions and guidance, not only with things concerning the classroom but outside the classroom as well.
This high school was very friendly everyone knows everyone and all of the staff knows everyone. You aren't just another kid or a number you are a name that everyone knows. You have the opportunity to be whoever you want. You can join any sports team you want, because there aren't 200 kids trying out. You will become close friends with all of your classmates.
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