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Martin High School was a great school and had a lot of spirit. Teachers were always very helpful and students were great, wouldn't change a thing.
it was the high school i went to back on 2008
teachers were good, and always learning new subjects.
i was more in the health magnet school, which i learn alot about chemistry and human anatomy, and more into options on what careers to choose after high school.
Martin High School was a very fun experience in my life, if I could do it all over again...I definetly would! The teachers were all so friendly, easy to talk to and listened to what you had to say. I joined several clubs while in Martin High School and it was all very easy to get into and fun to spend time with. The principal was definetly a cool point, he always worried about us, he was almost like our second parent and I guess in a way he was. He would walk around campus and see how we were doing, not only that but he always bragged about us on social media saying how proud he was of us. He was definetly a reliable person and someone very friendly who would listen to your problems. The only bad thing about Martin was that during the past Martin got a bad reputation, I just want to say that the rumors are false and Martin is very friendly. After all its the flagship high school of Laredo!
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The thing I like about mating high school is that everyone cares for you and they will help you out no matter what, and there’s a lot of school spirit as well, and the things I would change is the that more people should join sports bc sometimes the team needs more players and there’s a lot of people in Martin.
My experience at Martin high school was amazing. The band was beyond amazing and the teachers were so nice.
I had an overall great time as a student! I learned a lot and enjoyed the school spirit! The teachers also taught what was necessary!
I would like for the teachers to encourage student's more on doing their work, and teach passionately . some slack off and the school is a bit out of date with construction.
Martin high school was the best, i am really thankful with all the support from teachers, principal, Counselors and every single person that works there.
This school is one pf the most energetic schools you will ever go to. They have the passion to strive for greatness in academics and in anything they wish to do. I would like to see more change test scores, and more people going to college from this high school.
Our personal safety was always in good hands. We had many drills to protect us in case of an emergency. The school nurses were also always on standby ready to assist any injured or ill student. The school had a great staff who worked hard on protecting and assisting students when they need the help/protection.
The Art Club was amazing! We did a lot of cool activities and even went to some events that worked with the art we made. The equipment used for any art project was of great material and was taken well care of.
I had a great experience at this school. I had never had any serious problem with the high school; the teachers and staff were great.
Most of the teachers would go out of their way to help students that needed the extra help like organizing multiple after school sessions for homework and/or test related help. They were caring and very helpful!
The school spirit is nice, but only a handful get the full experience
There's only a handful of teachers that actually teach.
My experience has been phenomenal, our principle is one of the individuals who has motivated me to reach my goals. This school is very unique because there is so much pride in every organization and club. If I had the opportunity to enter this school again, I would definitely choose Martin High School.
When I first started high school, was the best day I could've ever asked for and thinking how incredible it must be like to be a high school-er, but throughout the years I've learned how important graduation will be like. Colleges and scholarships became so important to me because it's all I need to complete my future.
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I really love this school, but sometimes students just make it a horrible looking school. I wish there was like a school only for students who didn't care because our school is called the worst due to those not caring students.
UIL, Dual Enrollment, and soccer made me enjoy my time. Some professors would encourage students to try new activities. The friends I met there were great. I would definitely like to go back and join the competitions such as UIL and soccer.
The pride everyone had to attend or have attended the school was great. Most teachers loved their job which made it welcoming in their class, and learning from them was just easier since teaching cam natural to them. Also many of the teachers would start seeing you as one of their own kids so if you had a problem they were there to listen and help you out.
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