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The school has offered me new resources and opportunities that is going to help me for the next few years of college. I was able to take AP classes and join clubs that can help me with my college progress. Also presented the opportunity to get my certifications in my desired field of occupation.
MArtin high school has good school spirit and the teachers prepare you for college and help encourage you to apply to schools.
Martin High is a very good school with some of the best people I have met. The teachers I have had this past year (my senior year) are amazing. I feel connected with them because they didn't only care about what grades we make, they cared about me! Also, the orchestra program here is absolutley the best, I have been in orchestra all four years and I have constantly been improving. I am happy to say that I am a Martin Warrior.
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I go here currently. It's horrible. Kid's don't know how to clean up after themselves. Classes are over crowded. Not enough desks or teachers. Fights all the time. Hallways are distuging after lunch. Food left and or thrown everywhere. Bathrooms are gross. Waterfountains don't work. Every class room is either too hot or freezing. Lunch food is gross theirs pieces of plastic in it. Security & cops everywhere because they can barely control the kids.
Overall my experience has been good, there are a lot of clubs and organizations/sports to get as involved as you'd like to be. I feel prepared for college next year. The AP classes in my schedule have more than prepared me. Also the opportunity to take dual credit classes in addition to AP classes has really given me a head start for college and saved me some money.
What I liked about Martin High School is that I had many teachers who cared about my future and helped me prepare me for college. My teachers took the time to get to know me, and they knew how to help me differently from other students because not every student learns the same way. Although Martin does not offer all the courses that every student is interested in taking, I like that students can take these classes at another school and the credit still transfers. For example, Martin did not offer IB Dance, but I was still able to be in this class by going to another school in the same district and the credit still counted!
While Martin High School is a great school for intelligent children to attend, it tends to have its ups and downs. Teachers tend to be very helpful and respectful. There are plenty of clubs, sports, and other activities to take part in. The food provided is quite unsatisfactory, however is not as bad as other schools may provide. It is definitely one of the nicest schools in the area.
The faculty are very kind to us. i think we should make the hallways bigger so there’s not always traffic i’m the hallways.
I enjoyed my engineering teachers, however the mathematics department is poor in quality. Most teachers were very respectable.
More learning and not making it just about tests. I felt like transitioning from high school to college is very difficult and I do not know a lot compared to other freshman in college with me.
Martin high school is a very diverse set of people who actually for the most part get along! Also a lot of the teacher are making our education a fun experience everyday. If I were to change one thing in my school I would choose the food because it is very bland, unhealthy, and just flat taste bad!
The environment there is amazing if you are not shy like how I was at a young age you can meet a lot of interesting people.
Pre AP and AP classes keep you challenged, but in a good way -- selection of fine arts classes lets you see what is a good fit for you.
Martin high isn't anything special it's any other high school. The only difference is the AP classes and dual credits, open to anyone who wants to take them. There's also another school upper class man can go to for hands on training on specific subjects that will eventually lead to one getting certifications.
Martin High School offers a rich and diverse selection of courses, clubs, and academic opportunities to help the people who attend there succeed. This includes clubs like the German Club, programs like Band or Orchestra, and sports that are offered, like Swimming or Archery.
The teachers truly want to see you be successful and will take the time and extra effort to help you, the classes do prepare you for college, the AP courses are rigorous but manageable and the staff understands most students are very busy outside of school and have other challenging courses as well. There are many opportunities to get involved, there are many clubs for every interest and the sports teams are consistently successful so the any game, especially football, is a great atmosphere and experience.
I liked the fact that there is so much diversity at Martin. There is so many programs that you can take your freshman year through your senior year in a certain field that can prepare you and give you college credit.
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I like the teachers and their work ethics to help us learn. Also I love the off campus lunches and the sports programs at the school. They are the best.
Great Teachers and friendly tutoring support. I enjoyed all the classes that I have taken. I learned a lot of information that I didn't know before I took these classes.
Martin, itself is a fantastic school, but it also helps to be in the STEM program. This program has given me many opportunities that have helped me figure out the direction I want to go in; as well as, helping me go that way.
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