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As a new student half-way through the year, it was hard for me to assimilate into the school. Teachers were not as accepting of personal changes and policies were not laid out before attendance. As my first school in Florida, I was not familiar with dress code policy. On my first day at school, I was given detention for a tshirt that showed collar bones. This is a mini-university in the sense that they are more focused on sports than academics.
The teachers at Martin County were fantastic individuals who really helped shape my learning experience and helped to encourage my individuality and interests for beyond high school. The administration however could be very ignorant towards certain ideas/subjects and the visual Arts department was kind of neglected and wasn’t able to flourish like some of the other programs that were offered at Martin County High School. Overall my experience as a student was very nice and I would recommend this school to any parents looking for a good academic high school.
I would like to see the dress code change, as it is very discriminating to females. Most teachers have been very helpful, but I have had a handful throughout the years that have been terrible; no guided help what so ever. The guidance department is amazing, I don't know what I would do without my counsler helping me. I love the school spirit as in the pep rallies, football games, and homecoming week. I can say that I have enjoyed my high school career.
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This is a great school. I am a sophomore and love attending. They have a fantastic art program that is amazing to be a part of. This school really gets you involved. From the teachers I have had, I would say they are great. There is much diversity. They have many clubs and sports you could join including art club, National Art Honors Society, football, and there are both a girls and boys basketball team. The only thing I wish about this school is that it had better bathrooms. It is an awesome campus. I am excited to start my sophomore year and be involved!
Being a former student at Martin County, I have nothing but good things to say about the school! I was very involved in the band program at Martin County. Being a part of that organization has helped me grow to be the person I am today - because of the Martin County Tiger Regiment Band, I am now furthering my education in music by being an Instrumental Music Education Major. I hope to one day be a teacher at na amazing high school like Martin County High School.
My experience in Martin County High School I would say was pretty average as everyone else's. There was the usual drama, high school romance, and long-lasting friendships. I would not change anything about my experience.
Martin County High school is located in an area with lots of diversity between people, down to styles of living. The staff cares for everyone though and always does their best to make sure you feel safe, feel comfortable with your environment, and have the right mind-set to be determined for a bright future.
I liked the AP programs, abd Duel Enrollment oppurtunities. They also have good art and performing arts programs for a public highschool.
The teachers really care about their students. Of course it is still high school so you have the same drama as anywhere.
I really enjoy how involved the teachers are with students and if they have problems they actually take the time to help. The only change I would suggest is that they focus more on academics rather then a dress code.
This being y last year it has been great. Martin County High school has been a ride, a good ride. The administrators are great and really like connecting with the students there, I'm glad to be graduating from this school.
I would like to see a change in the dress code and the security around the school. It is way to easy for people to get on and off campus without even noticing.
I liked Martin County High School as a high school setting, but I was never apart of any after-school activities or clubs, and I wasn't apart of any social group either besides my close friends. This allowed me to focus on my education rather than social aspects. This is the reason I won't be able to comment on most subjects about the school since I wasn't involved in anything.
I switched to Martin County Highschool from Southfork Highschool my sophomore year, looking for a new life and a place to start over. I experienced many things during my almost three years at County. I made friends with the greatest kinds of people, and learned how many challenges life can throw at you in just a few short years. Although Martin County gave me some tough experiences, I'm happy to say I will be able to look back at my high school memories and smile at the things I'll remember. The only thing I'd have to change about the school, along with other schools in the area, would have to be where the priorities are with administration. They care more that there's a rip in your jeans than if you had just failed a test, and it makes me sad that the only time students ever get called to the office is if your shirt is too low or you wore the wrong pants. I think, even if there is still a dress code, the administration should care more about how we are doing as students.
My experience in Martin county is great. The teachers always are really helpful and are there for anything.
TRASH. It's very bad. My kid always complain about going here. Not a very good school. TRASH. Its bad
My daughter is getting a great experience. There are a lot of diverse classes to choose from. Commercial Photography and a lot of AP classes which will help her finish college sooner.
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The only part of this high school that was worth talking about was the friendships I made. The administration here are way too strict and take their jobs way too seriously. Upon going to college I didn't feel like I was properly prepared for college curriculum. The teachers pick favorites most of the time and sometimes give unfair advantages to them in my opinion. But the relationships I made and the memories made will be unparalleled.
I love going to Martin County High School. The teachers are excellent and the atmosphere is wonderful. I felt welcomed as soon as I walked onto the campus for my first day of band camp before freshman year.
Very good school that has well prepared me for college. I have learned many life skills that will help me transfer to my college career and my life after college.
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