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Martin Bluff Elementary School Reviews

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MBE goes above and beyond to work with students. If a student is struggling they will work with them until the student gets it. They have the patience and take time to work with the students. Unlike some schools that treat the kids as test takers and don't care if they get left behind. I praise all the work the teachers and administrators do for the children. They make sure no children are left behind.
Wonderful school. Everyone at the school is caring and want the students to excel. The welfare of the students is at the forefront for all staff. All students are expected to do their best. The teachers want what is best for the students and work with each student to ensure they are getting an outstanding education. The administrators are top notch. They are caring and look out for all stakeholders including students, teachers, staff, and parents. They can be counted on to go the extra mile for the school. The facilities are well maintained and the safety of everyone is important to all associated with the school. I would give this school the highest recommendation.
This school is a place where its staff and admin. truly care for its students, and they strive to make each person feel like they are at their home away from home. The teachers collaborate and work hard to give each student what they individually need. The administration supports teachers and go above and beyond for their teachers to be successful. It is apparent that education isn’t valued and important at MBE!
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I've worked at MBE for the past four years. I work among educators that strive to give their students the best possible education and to have fun while doing so! The staff truly cares about the success of all of the students at MBE and always goes above and beyond to help them learn!
Very professional and caring. All of the staff at MBE truely cares for every child. My child is always happy to goto MBE everyday
Marin Bluff is a family from the staff to the students. Over the last few years I have seen our school blossom and it makes me proud to be a part of it. I would like to se our school get more recognition for our accomplishments.
Children first! MBE works hard to make school a place where kids love to be. They have high expectations but care about the whole child. The resources available like chromebook for each child and iPads in every classroom makes learning relevant and fun.
If someone does not have official school business to conduct they are not allowed inside.
MBE works very hard to give our children the best education possible and to make them feel safe, secure, and happy. They go above and beyond for their children especially those who need things beyond education. I've witnessed teachers attending the children's out of school events, buying them needs items like clothing and food for the weekend, and even making themselves available to assist with homework. The staff welcomes the children each morning with hugs and smiles. I love MBE.
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