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Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Reviews

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During my time at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, I enjoyed the family environment that was implicated at the school. I was very involved with the schools extra curricular programs, playing football and basketball and being the vice president of the Young Brothers to Men program and also being apart of the schools peer outreach program. I would like to think I had a good relationship with all my teachers, guidance councilors and peers. I even felt comfortable enough to perform in the talent show with friends singing "My Girl" by the Temptations. MVRHS provided me with the tools to move onto the next level of education and I very much enjoyed my time at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School and wouldn't trade it for any other high school experience.
Small High school with great teachers and community. Food isn't that great, but there's always the option to bring your own.
I enjoyed my time at MVRHS, teachers helped me throughout the years and got me through it! One thing I could approve is the inside of the school, I wish it was more colorful.
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very sad school, not a lot of cultural people school wasn't very diverse, more like privileged people who live off government money that they don't deserve
Great Teachers! It offers tons of advance placement courses and fun electives but the language department has much to be desired. The administration is very disconnected from the students, including the guidance department.
Great community based school. Very school but yet friendly. I wish the staff and the state would invest more on the actual classes and building, to catch more of the interest of the students on different programs, like art or science. Overall, it's pretty great! Go MVRHS!!!
This was a great High school, I wouldn't want to go to any other school it prepared me for college perfectly.
Martha's Vineyard Regional High School consists of a diverse island community with students from all walks of life. My experience going to this school is nothing short of positive. The academics are incredible, and because of its close-knit community, (Student Population: 665) students are encouraged into building close relationships with teachers, who are nothing but encouraging and positive. A wide range of electives are offered: An automotive class taught in a state of the art facility with real cars to work on, a culinary arts program, as well as a fashion course. The MVRHS sports program is phenomenal, we have a sailing team where you compete with other schools over the beautiful cape cod waters. We also have a two year state championship winning tennis team. I have made countless life-long friendships through sports programs at this school and really am grateful for that.
I have been a student at MVRHS for four years now and even though the island is a very secluded place in the sense of opportunity, MVRHS offers many of them.
The principle keeps taking away the best things about the school. The school lunches are pretty bad. For a smart student the workload outside of school is ridiculous. Other than that the education isn't that bad other than a few bad teachers
I feel safe in my school, we live a very small community where threats are rare.
I wish there were more options
Im grateful to be here, a very good school.
I was involved in a bunch and found them fulfilling
A lot of great, supportive parents.
My kids had a bunch to do but they did the work
not enough afterschool transportion to connect kids in afterschool programing
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I have enjoyed all of my childs teachers and so has he
I think the schools policies are very strict
diversity needs to be recognized more somehow
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