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Martha's Vineyard Charter School Reviews

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I have to say this is an area where the school could do better. With space limitation/funding, I think in time as the school grows, so will the extra curricular activities.
While I love that the nourish the kids, and assist them in any way possible, at the same time I think they might be more demanding. One example is homework. In our home all home work is mandatory, however, I've found that many kids feel they don't have to bother as the teachers don't demand homework be turned in.
I have found the Charter school experience something my son will take with him long after he graduates high school. From morning meeting, to noticing when I was walking him to class when he was in Kindergarten or latter grades how the older kids would say "hey "A" how you doing?". It really does feel like a family there. He still checks in with his earlier grade teachers just to talk, and they exchange ideas. At the end of the day he mentions the discussions they have, or planning demonstrations with teachers somewhere, and how they continually get him to think outside the box. I would say the High School is for kids who can be self motivated, otherwise if a more structured environment is needed there's the regional high school. However, when we interviewed there I asked if it would be possible for my son to live with relatives in Cal for 4 weeks to work in a video game design company. The regional said they would have to get back to me on that, where as the Charter school teacher said "what a great idea - we can assist and collaborate between himself, his mentor there, and the school". That is the difference. Thinking outside the box, and giving kids the tools to thrive in a competitive environment without having to be so competitive. We are very lucky to have the Charter and the staff in our lives.
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Not much of an issue - nurse takes care of things.
Overall, the school is a wonderful place to learn.
Food is locally grown and distributed.
Not many issues regarding policies.
On hands, critical thinking - one on one.
The school promotes critical thinking.
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