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Martha Layne Collins High School Reviews

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Has a nice campus. Would like to see the teachers care more and not just a number I had one teacher that reached out to me and actually showed she cared. Helped me more than the college counselors.
Collins high was the first public school I had been in since elementary and looking back at, it was the best experience of my life. The school was brand new when I started and all the teachers and faculty were exceptional. The high school offered numerous clubs, sports and other activities throughout the year as well as special courses to help student dig deeper into subjects they were interested in. I enjoyed all four years of high school at Collins and would recommend it to every high schooler in Shelby County and Kentucky.
I loved the teachers and the involvement the last few years of my high school experience. Teachers began setting up trips out of the country that turned out to be really good experiences for all the students and teachers involved. They also revised our safety standards the past few years which made me feel safe while I was at school. They followed up with you if you reported any problems and really cared about what was happening. They also improved some of the food options and were trying to get students to try new things. Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience at Collins High School.
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I had a fine experience at Collins. I was pretty involved in a lot of things around school. It is a nice school and there are some great teachers and administrators. However it is high school so the culture is not always positive but it wasn’t a horrible expirence for me.
I loved the teachers! Most supportive and caring teachers I’ve ever experienced. Administration was way too concerned about “making everyone college and career ready” they barely punished anyone. Took away our bathroom useage as punishment for the entire school when it should have only punished a small group of students.
every year they try to add more for us to explore. This is great for some while others still don't get what they want. The school is great in its own way but has, flaws.
Collins has gone through 4 principals in 8 years, currently Dr. Joseph Ellison is the Principal. His efforts have been towards helping those student who are struggling by offering more after school tutoring programs, and study hall opportunities. The English department is excellent, Science is lacking, History and Math are okay. Student culture is poor. Its a newly established school that has gone through many administration changes.
Martha Layne Collins High School is a great school. The administration and teachers are very involved and are there to guide you through your 4 years of course work.
It’s a school that is geared for engineer students! So if that’s what you want to do they will give you a lot of attention. Otherwise, they do not give you that much support and the staff has no control of their classrooms.
What I liked about Martha Layne Collins is that the teachers are very helpful and the counselors are great! The teachers and counselors, both go out of their way to help you and make sure that you do good in school. They aren't like any other teachers/counselors at other schools, they show that they believe in you and want to help you succeed.
I like a lot of the teachers that I've had at Martha Layne Collins, but the main issue I see with the school is that things change too often. Every year that I've been at Collins, something has changed, everything from the teachers, the principal, and the class schedule. I would have liked to see more of a constant environment instead of so much chaos that is far from controlled.
Martha Layne Collins High School is as school that takes education serious and do whatever they can to succeed. We have a great system in culinary arts as well as special needs.
This school is very nice and welcoming! It has helped me grow as a student and I am very thankful for the experiences I have gotten at this school.
The teachers at Martha Layne Collins High school are all really great, and are willing to help any student out, if that means staying after school, or coming in early before school, they are ready to help. However one thing that I would change about Collins is the dress code. Personally I would like it if there was no dress code, because when I am comfortable I am going to pay attention more. If there wasn't a dress code, students wouldn't have to be pulled out of class to fix the violation of dress code.
I liked the classes offered. I was able to better prepare for college. Also offered plenty of learning opportunities for all cultures. The extra-curricular activities offered helped to keep the students engaged in their academics and being successful.
Martha Layne Collins high school made my high school experience very memorable, and made sure the students were fully aware of education or work force opinions for after graduation.
Great high school, allows students to be very involved. Teachers and admin make you feel valued and important. I would change the way sports are handled here, unless you're football or basketball (occasionally baseball) no one cares and you don't get as much freedom or leniency as those who participate in those sports do.
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Martha Layne Collins is an amazing school. The teachers are very caring and really do want their students to succeed. I love that CHS is becoming such a self-paced and self-sufficient high school, because it mimicks college in the closest way possible for a high school. The most emphasis here is put on academics, as well as sports. As long as you put in the work, you'll benefit greatly from being at MLCHS.
I like my high school because of it diversity and everyone except you as you are and I wouldn't have ask for aa better high school a true blessing
I enjoy Martha Layne Collins High School due to the overall atmosphere. The teachers are great leaders as well as friends.
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