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Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts Reviews

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The school is amazing. The teachers care about you. Always pushing you so you can be better then what think your capable of doing. The school can be stressful but if you try and never give up then you can do it.
Martha Ellen Stilwell is an academically rigorous school that implements the arts with education to provide an cultivating experience.
I was a student at the school and it brought me a lot of opportunity, and it showed me such a great experience. You will be around kids with such a strong mindset and and great character that will make you want to be better
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I enjoy the exposure the school gives to the arts. It helps students to be prepared for college or the prepare them from going straight into the workforce. Also the teachers who teach the subjects have worked in their field before becoming a teacher.
I love my school. I feel as though there are many opportunities given to us as students that set us up for life after high school.
It is a very clean school. Very modern architecture. Great chorus, piano, band, theater, and art programs.
Stilwell is an amazing place for students who want to be prepared to compete globally. This school offers an enriching and engaging environment that allows students to be the next future innovators and thinkers. In addition, Stilwell offers a variety of classes that prepare you to excel in both your fine arts and future endeavors. With a diverse population of students, Stilwell promotes a welcoming environment.
An okay school. But now that I know what I do know... wouldn’t have been my first choice of high school.
martha ellen stilwell has very relatable teachers and that's what i like the most about the school. i feel like the dance department can be a little more strict on who they let in and get more qualified teachers.
The school has a very good environment. The teachers help you prepare for college and the future. The Performance Hours that we have every semester are wonderful.
Pretty good Fine arts school with good teachers and a clean, safe learning environment. This is the best high school for any student in this area with a mind towards fine arts.
My teachers were cool. I was able to fulfill all my required courses with hardly any problem and do exra corses as well. The school was really helpful and I made some good friends along the way.
I love the diversity of our school and how everyone welcomes you to the school. It’s super friendly and everyone can be their absolute self and still feel accepted. I do wish that our involvement in the community and the state gets bigger because we are a newly built school
I’ve had a great experience at Stilwell as it helped me grow and develop in my desired performing arts major. However something I would love to see change is our chances to exhibit our talent to the school and community.
Stilwell is an artistic and diverse school with many different types of people both working there and attending. While it is not perfect, still being new and all, it provides a safer learning environment than most other schools, and students are able to build and express their talent within a supportive environment.
Great school for students looking to further their craft in the arts. The teachers allow students to be themselves and explore their talents. You will feel like you apart of a family depending on what department you go into.
I am a graduate of this school and absolutely loved my teachers and the musical skills I gained. I would recommend all rising high school students who are gifted in the arts to audition.
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Stilwell is the state of the art when it comes to creativity among the students and teachers of the fine arts. If I could change one thing about the school, I would allow extracurricular activities.
This is a school that will challenge you musically and academically. In essence, it prepares you on how to multi-task multiple things,
I applied to Stilwell because of its involvement in the arts, and for the most part, am very pleased with its engagement. My art teachers care very much about our grades, and even our personal lives: how we are doing in respect to mental health and family life. Seeing this is true, it’s no secret that a lot of the students deal with family problems and mental health issues, myself included, which may be a deterrent for future students looking to be upcoming freshman. The faculty and staff however, are well known for being slow to respond, slow to care, and downright lazy. Most parents express this about the staff, and so do the students. Even so, most of the students are able to ignore this the best they can to recieve the education in the arts we love so much.
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