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Martensdale-St. Marys Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Bullying has never become a large problem for us. We are such a tight knit community to everyone knows everyone. We try to protect each other cause its all we have.
Our art club and drama program are one of the best around. We offer great opportunities to those students who choose to do that rather than sports.
I have been involved with high school sports all four years of high school. We have had a very successful at softball and I have been a part of the team. My favorite memory is playing at state softball with all of our community there supporting us.
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I have spend many years devoted to this school. I have overall enjoyed my experience here. As of right now I feel like MSTM is quality enough I would send my kids there.
This school is a small school in the middle of Iowa. Its a small community where barely anything dangerous happens. Although bad things can happen anywhere they don't usually happen in Martensdale. I think that the security we have is good at this school. The doors are locked all the time during school hours and only unlocked in the morning before school and after school. Its also very clean. The janitors are great at what the do. The school nurse is also very awesome. She someone that you can go to about anything ranging from a bleeding scratch or you just want to talk to her about something going on.
The extracurriculars at this school is average. You have the basic sports like wrestling, basketball, volleyball, track/field, cross country, and football, then there is cheerleading. We also have a few clubs, but not many. The most popular at this school are the sports. Another thing you can do is go to the after school sporting events at night. The volleyball games are the most fun because the student section gets into it and has a lot of fun.
I have made some great memories at this school. If I were asked if I would want to do it all over again, I would have to say yes. The friends I have made throughout my years at this school are great. The coaches are also another positive thing at this school. My volleyball coach I had my senior year was especially great. She taught me if I'm not living up to who I want to be, then I need to push myself to be better.
The teachers are okay. I think some of the teachers think they are still in high school so they don't teach to their full potential and all they care about if what the students think of them. I also think that some of the teachers only like to teach the kids that understand the material right away.
The involvement of the principal is very good and the administration isn't afraid to change something if it isn't working.
We have lots of anti bullying things and the school nurse is very good.
The teachers all have different styles but they are knowledgeable.
There are not a ton of clubs but I think the ones we have are pretty good.
Even though our school spirit is not the best we do have pretty good sports teams.
There is not much ethnic diversity at our school but we do have pretty good student involvement.
My school does not have much violence.
My school has done great bringing technology into the classroom.
we have no snacks. its all health food, it has no flavor, we rarely get anything we actually like to eat. sometimes on the menus all they list is meat you don't get a specific item so you get and uneasy feeling about that lunch.
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the school is small enough that if you need help finding your way that students wont hesitate to stop and point you in the right direction. we are slowly modernizing our school we have new technology popping up everywhere from the 1:1 laptop program to high school news and bulletin boards posted on several TV's around the building. but the hallways could be modified make them larger, refurbish them like new paint and updated lockers and flooring.
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