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Please pay attention to this !!!!. Do not apply to Marta valle. The administration stabs its students on the back and injustice is very big in this school. There are not type of clubs whatsoever and most of the work we get are packets. The class of 2018 tried their hardest to make change and the staff just knocked down anything they wanted to do. The school wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the administration. The first two years were perfect we had clubs and an interacting principal, we had Saturday academy. The school is not challenging at all. Not even honors class. Teachers leave every year because the administration sucks. Students cannot bond with teachers because they always leave because the administration pushes them so much. Only apply here if you want to breeze through high school with easy grades. Students have gotten suspended over petty situations. Overall it’s a safe school that wouldn’t be so bad if the administration did what they were supposed to do.
I liked how my school would always take us to college trips so we can have our options open. They always guided us to the right direction and whenever we needed support they would always be there for us.
Going to Marta Valle brightened but also dimmed the excitement of my high school years. The first two years were really good, but when the administration changed the whole school changed for the worse.
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What I liked most of Marta Valle HS were the teachers, they made the most of what was provided through the school and tried to help the students that wanted to be able to pass and graduate. What could be improved would have to do with school funding due to the lack of AP classes, sports as well as space due to sharing the building with 2 other schools.
I had a great time in this School from 9th to 12th grade. I love all the teachers. I hope to see a new Principal then the current one right now. A principal that care about students, teachers and others around the school.
I enjoyed the school shows. They incorporated almost every student and I believe that student involvement is key to a thriving school.
Throughout my four years here at Marta Valle, I thought I would eventually like least. I was wrong though. To give the school the benefit of the doubt, they have made the college application process a whole lot easier as it removes the weight off of your shoulders. However, the school lacks safety, respect, and a caring administration.
this school is so fun it interacts with all the students of all ages through multiple activities throughout the school year. i remember almost all the fun times we had with our teachers and friends that we will never forget, all the effort they put on us to be ready to take regents they care for each student individually and i would love to go back but... i don't to much like new york dont get me wrong the area the school is is is fantastic theres everything of a childs desires to eat or whant to eat pizza resturants, dinners, tacos, starbucks, subways, mc donalds Chinese anything you can probably think of was over there even a market let me not forget about the economy candy but in overall school was perfect when i was there students i was one of the most loved scholar i would recommend this school for anyone who has dreamt what high school was like on tv part of many you could find there its a caring community
I love how diverse my school is. It's filled with so many different people and I appreciate that. We are a community. We come together to make out school a great place.
There no bullying at the school at all. Everyone's pretty good to others. There might be a couple police officers with metal detectors checking up once in a blue.
There are no extracurricular classes. There are a couple honor classes but they're all easy. We're not challenged.
My experience at this school overall, would have to be okay. I honestly expected more , but sadly didn't. The school staff is nice to all students, they're professional. But when it comes to the education, its like they repeat everything and don't challenge the students enough. They help to figure out small tasks but don't go beyond that point. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't choose to attend this school at all. I would've chosen a better and higher standardized school. A school where they would challenge me and provide me with the help I need whether its during school or after school hours.
They teach what they are designed to teach. Some stay after school to help the students, others don't. They provide the students with sufficient work, but I personally don't think they challenge us enough.
The health and safety policies are okay. I had an experience with my school nurse and gym teacher recently when I got a cut from falling and a sprained ankle. The school nurse helped but not as much as my gym teachet, she really made sure I was okay and helped me through my sprained ankle.
The clubs are not that great.
Overrall I love my school, the teachers and some staff. They are always there for support. I remember when my friends and I were planning a bake sale to raise money for senior activities. We needed a teacher to watch us in the cullinary room. We asked our governmemt teacher and she was willing to help out. We were very thankful that she was willing to help us through the process and we got everything done while having fun baking which is why this is my favorited memory. My school is unique because its small, theres a small amount of students and the community is strong. All the students are comfortable with each other and almost everyone is friendly. My school is shared with two other schools which also makes us unique because the students in my school have respect for them and we share halls and rooms. Although I love my school, there is always a new principal which is frustrating because changes are constantly happening. But I would pick this school again because I love all the people ive met and teachers. The bond I have with my friends is something I wouldnt have gotten anywhere else.
Teachers at my school always be the best that they can be. They support the students and allow the students to share their ideas without being judged. Their teaching styles are unique and understandable. Many teachers in my school have a fair grading policy which helps struggling students because it gives them the chance to pass the class when they tried their best. The students interact with the teachers and the communication is great. It makes the classroom filled with positive energy.
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The students can involve themselves more
The curriculum is not hard but not easy
The after school activities are cool
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