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I graduated in 2014 and went to Mart from Kindergarten through my Senior year. Mart is a wonderful school district with many teachers that care a lot about their students.
It is very easy to get accepted at this school. There is very little peer pressure. It is very easy to avoid it. Making friends here is simple. Even if you're not involved in extracurricular activities, you can make friends.
The teachers here understand that the students are very active. They accommodate with our schedules. If a student misses school due to an athletic event, the teacher will explain the lesson from the day before. The core classes are great. I feel that I am learning as much as I possibly can in my classes.
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At this school, we have many fire drills, tornado drills, and drills on what to do if an armed person were to enter the school. The teachers and staff do not tolerate bullying. Neither do the students.The teachers and staff do everything they can to keep us safe at all costs.
There are quite a few extracurricular activities at this school. Things such as, athletics, FFA, UIL, NHS, SAG, etc. There are plenty of activities to do at this school to keep the students busy.
The foundation this school is built on is tradition. There is so much tradition in this school. On Fridays, the cheerleaders put on amazing pep-rallies. The students are very involved at this school. If I had to go to high school all over again, I would definitely come back to Mart High School.
The teachers at Mart High school are amazing! They are available before, during, and after school. Many of them go above and beyond to help struggling students. They do everything they can to make sure that students pass. The teachers are very well organized, and they get graded papers back as soon as they can. The relation ship between the students and teachers is very relaxed. As a student, it is easy to talk to teachers about grades.
It is ok. The school usually has days we're people come to talk to us about it.
We don't have metal detectors but overall I think it's okay.
The after school programs give students the opportunity to have fun after school!
My favorite experience is seeing how much parents involve themselves in their child's curricular activities.
The teachers at Mart High School make sure every student understands their lessons and helps them if they need it.
Everything is very nice and clean.
Mart has an amazing athletic program.
The student body is very diverse.
The administrators take good care of the students.
All of the teachers at Mart are there to help you.
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This is a great school to attend.
Athletics is very competitive and fun.
The lunch food is very healthy. There are a lot of different varieties.
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