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It a really good school that teach subject really efficiently and proper. The school gave full support to the students and help them through out the school. I feel like a learned a lot from this school and got good knowledge. The teachers would help students a lot whenever they are is hard times figuring things out, but we have teachers that provide the help to help the students in our district. I feel sure the Marsing High School is a really good school that supports students and give them a chance to do better in life because they made my life better by giving me the kids owl edge I need.
The best thing about Marsing High School is the small size. Teachers have the ability to interact in a very personal way with students that help to improve them, not just academically, but personally. I know for a fact my college readiness has improved dramatically from my freshman year and that is all due to my amazing teachers. My experience in clubs has also been great! Also whenever anybody needs anything the parents are extremely helpful and eager to do so. The math teachers are also exceptional and as a student that has had trouble in math I can say that they really helped me. The school has a close tight community and that is reflected in the town gathering for sports.This is an overall amazing school and I am so lucky to be a part of it.
I loved Marsing! Great small town environment! No huge confusion finding classes, it is amazingly simple. The teachers there are phenomenal! You can't go wrong by going here!
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I would like to see a change in teacher dedication and involvement. Also, when students have issues involving personal or school related issues they are not taken care of by school administrators.
Marsing High is an alright school. For the purposes of this survey, Its some what competitive and strong.
What I like about Marsing High School is that the teachers are very helpful and genuinely care about every student. Not only that but I loved how diverse the school is overall.
Marsing High School is a nice small town school. I like how the teachers try and have a bond with you and don't just see you as an object but as a person and they try their best to help you the most they can. But since Marsing High School is so small we rely with a small budget and sometimes have difficulties with a bunch of our chrome books with missing keys and many of the students and teachers would like to get new or better ones.
It's a lot of hands on and a lot of one on one, but there are problems with bullying, which is a bit confusing considering their "zero tolerance" policy.
Marsing High School is a great 2A school to go if you want to have great academic fun. My time here has been a fun and very educational time for me. One thing that I would like to see being changed is the food and having more clubs in the school, like a key club or a Hispanic club.
There are rarely instances in which people feel bullied or unsafe. The worst thing that goes on in this school is people try to frustrate each other cuz it's funny to them, but I'm a believer in what is called, "sucking it up."
There are a lot of options for extracurricular activities. We have a lot of sports and clubs, but there is little motivation of any kind from members or athletes. There are a few people who are competitive in single activities and sports, but the only team sport we thrive at is basketball.
I'm not sure if I would go to Marsing High School if I were to do it all over again. If I were to come back it would be because of a few teachers in particular, rather than the staff as a whole. It would also be for the basketball team. I've learned more about life in a few seasons playing Marsing Huskies basketball than I have during my whole school experience.
Most of the teachers in Marsing care about the education of ALL students, and it seems like they worry about getting everybody to the same level, which leaves students who are already ahead at a loss for things to do.
that's all our school is about is our sports.
Well some parents just care about sports and how there kid does.
Almost all the teacher's get off topic really easy.
I feel like my school doesn't have very much school spirit, however, I love that we still have pep rallies and our homecoming games because it really brings our small community and school together!
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A lot of the teachers are very engaging and nice and go above and beyond in their classrooms to help struggling students, however, there are a handful of teachers who seem to hate their jobs.
Bullying doesn't get dealt with well enough I believe. No one really seems to care if you're being bullied or not. It's kind of become socially acceptable in our school. I know many students who have left Marsing High School due to bullies.
At Marsing High School the extracurricular activities are at a minimum. My freshman year there was so many activities and clubs, such as a theater club, social club, even home ec. There were so many great opportunities for all students to participate in something. Now, we have FHLA (Future Hispanic Leaders of America), FFA (Future Farmers of America), and athletics. I wish they would bring back Home Ec.
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