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Overall, my experience at Marshwood was good. The school could be very authoritarian at times and the administration sucked, but on the other hand, I had some wonderful teachers and some very good classes.
MHS was an overall great school. They have a curriculim fit for multiple student levels, and you can earn college credit with all their AP/ Dual enrollment options. Their guidance department helped me find what I wanted to do, and persue. The staff is very supportive and will give you the tools for a valuable secondary education.
I liked the individual teachers. They really wanted to help the students and see them succeed. However, I do with they offered better variety when it came to classes. The classes offered were very generic.
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Over my years at the school I have had a very good experience at the school. The teachers are well educated in the subject they teach and they are all different in their styles of teaching. I like how committed the principals are to try to make the school better everyday. All students are involved in the school even if we are all different. I would like to see some more change with the choices that take place and try to get the students more involved in the decision making.
Administration could work better with students and their families. The curriculum could be more streamlined
As a former student, I believe Marshwood Highschool is a good school, not only in academics, but also in extra curriculars (sports, theater, clubs...)
This school offers a variety of classes and vocational programs. However, there is not a variety of advanced science or math classes. Also, in the past some of my family has not had a good experience with the administration.
I liked the community feel of the high school. Some of the classes were taken more of a joke and didn’t get much done but Marshwood makes you feel like you’re at home.
I went to Marshwood for Vocational schooling and it was an amazing experience. I loved going there every day for half of my day it was a really nice break from NHS. While I was there I was taking the CNA clinical program and had a very nice teacher, very flexible and good person. The food was so good!! I would bring money with me every time I was there because their lunch compared to NHS was luxury food. I would recommend any person to put their children through the RSU 35 district because of the experience I had and the great opportunities I had there. I do not believe there is something they could work on.
I am a senior at Marshwood high school, and it's a good school. The administration really sucks. You can't carry a backpack and teachers throw detentions around. The vocational programs are great opportunities and I think everyone should have the chance to participate in one of them. Some of the teachers suck too.
I immensely enjoyed going to Marshwood it is a great school district. They hire well educated teachers and do what is best for their students.
I absolutely loved my high school experience at Marshwood High School. I graduated with the class of 2016. Marshwood takes great pride in their students as well as staff. Every teacher that I had here made it their personal goal to help each student understand the curriculum and pass their classes. They offer sports and clubs for multiple interests. They also offer after school help for those students who are struggling academically.
This school can be amazing for typically developing students. However, the special education department is severely lacking. These children are put in electives all day and are made to stay in the high school 5+ years. This is not okay. I have witnessed children running around while their ed-techs are talking to each other and gossiping not even knowing that their child is missing.
Marshwood High school is a good place for learning. It's easy to graduate on time if you apply yourself, they are very strict about being on time.
My experience at Marshwood high school was okay, the staff is extremely helpful and nice. The school is full of cliques and the administration can be a little hard but, I think it is for the better so, children are discipline and realize how it is in the work force.
In going to Marshwood High School for the past two and a half years, I have grown quite a lot as a person and as a student. That is due to the teachers, many of which throughout the district I have remained friends with, but also the environment that is created.
The extracurricular offerings at this school are quite diverse, and at least three new clubs have been started since my freshman year.
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Several of the teachers I've had have been very good in communicating with students. However, a few have been very inconsistent with grading policies.
Many teachers at this school use the technology available to them well. Several employ Google Classroom for everything from announcements to assignments, though I wish some would use it more.
The teachers really try to reach out and make the students feel welcome and supported.
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