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The thing I loved the most about Marshfield High School was the endless support and encouragement give by the faculty. I always was able to ask for advice or have them to talk to about my life problems. As for things I wish would change, I wish students understood how bad they hurt the environment when they litter at lunch time.
I would like their the be more opportunity's to learn about what each student is interested in. Instead of them being required to take certain things even if they have no interests in it at all. Such as academics theirs really not a whole lot. Students have to take classes that they have no interest in so it causes them not to try in the class, as to the classes they actually enjoy. It makes a difference when the students like the class that they are in verses the classes they are forced to take in order to graduate on time. I hope that those changes will be made for the up coming classes.
Less administrative more teachers, more student assistance for work shadowing and technical training. Better Student lunch and faster services would be good.
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I have attended Marshfield for my entire high school career and I have been pleased for the most part with the school overall. Most teachers are very good and helpful. Marshfield also has a rich history and incredible legacy and it is very exciting to be a part of. Marshfield is very good about giving their students the chance for college. While attending the high school you may take any college class through them and it is covered by the school. I know people on track to, and people that have received their associates degree through Marshfield by attending our Local Community College. I did not even realize about trades until someone else introduced them to me which I feel like the school should have done. They should also offer more opportunities for people to find a trade they are interested in rather than just finding everyone a major for a college.
Marshfield High School is my fourth high school I’ve been too. The only high school I’ve been to in Oregon, comparing it to the other high school I’ve been to it’s average not the best high school but definitely not the worst. The people are a little closed minded but most of the teachers are good. The students are ok.
Marshfield is a wonderful school with very helpful teachers. I've learned a lot about things I would never think of. It has also allowed me to take college classes throughout my high school career which has given me a good kickstart to life.
My experience at Marshfield Senior High School was great. I have never seen so much school spirit and high moral from students in high school first hand. Getting help in and out of classrooms is easy, and the school has a wide range of academic levels in classes for every student to apply themselves to. The one thing I would like Marshfield Senior High School to change, is the diversity in its classes and electives. For example, expanding the language department to offer more than just Spanish. The staff is really supportive in helping each student in striving to reach their academic and personal goals and seeing fit that they reach their potential.
It's a pretty average school. Sports are very important at this high school. Exceptionally talented student-athletes often get special treatment. I would like to see the school cleaned up. It's very old and needs to be remodelled and repaired.
As an upcoming senior, I have been at the high school for 4 years. This is because I started as an 8th grader, who are part of our high school. I love my school and enjoy going to class with my good teachers. The one thing I would like to see change is the 8th graders at the high school. Other than this, my expierence has been a really good one, and I can’t wait to start my senior year in the fall.
My high school is in an economically struggling community. It is very old (my grandparents and my father attended the school), but we recently passed a bond that will make much-needed building improvements. The teaching staff is excellent and they are passionate about teaching, but sometimes their jobs are made more difficult because many students don't have the desire to succeed. This lack of motivation is a direct result of the attitude that our community has towards college and higher education.
On the flip side, many of the citizens and businesses in Coos Bay have outstanding support for our school's sports programs. The community pride is encouraging and empowering for successful athletes. For kids who aren't as successful athletically, there are other distinguished clubs and activities like band and forensics. They are equally as successful as sports programs, but like many schools, they don't get the same recognition for their achievements as athletes do.
I liked how involved everyone is for sports and activities. I would like to see the way teachers teach and treat students change.
During my time at Marshfield Senior High School there has been a lot of change in the schools administration and staff members the school has undergone changes to help in Academic improvement and diversity. The staff members genuinely care about there students well-being and academic achievements.
It is a nice school all the teachers there are kind and generous. Everyone there is always willing to help you with any problem. I always try to put my best foot forward and Marsh field has given me many opportunities and many other resources to help achieve my goals.
I like that at Marshfield you can take college classes through the community college nearby and get the college credit. Also, the school is located up on a hill where you can look down and see the whole town all around.
I came in the Marshfield Senior High my sophomore year of High School. I like how big the school is and how nice the teachers are to the students. The teacher help you do the best on tests and they help you get ready for the ACT. I wish they did something more about the students behavior. The Marshfield School lets them pick on other people and as far as I've seen they don't do much except in school suspension.
There are a wide varieties of classes. From general eds, to welding. There is something for everyone here. And if you feel you can't find a match any staff member would gladly help them out.
Every term there is a clubs meeting. And anyone can start a club about anything as long as they have enough signatures. It's really cool that they let students take some charge.
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This school is unique, because, everyone is nice. If you are friends or not anyone will start a conversation with you. I would do it again, because, I already am. I missed the support and friendships I made from attending SWOCC the first time. After figuring out what I really wanted to do, I knew I had to go back.
When I first started college, I was terrified. I didn't think any of my teachers would remember my name, or get worried when my grades started slipping. With the support and care I received it gave me the courage to go back and try again. They truly do care, and they want everyone to pass
The Speech and Debate team is award winning, sending many of the team to State Finals and four members are competing at the Nationals this year. The coach is completely involved with the team, helping all members to do their best. The team is a true "team", supporting each other and pushing each other to do the best they're able.
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