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Our high school offers a variety of AP and college level courses. Our high school has been one of the best high schools in Wisconsin for a while, and our administration doesn't expect that to stop anytime soon. Our administration always expects the very best from us, and in return they try and make our school as fun as possible. We have many fun events held all throughout the year. We have a hypnotist come, we have many dances throughout the year, and we have sports all throughout the year.
Administration does not like innovative students who would like to create new opportunities to improve student life. New clubs--they don't want them, big or small. The lack of support for students trying to start clubs at MHS changed my perspective on the administration. MHS does not like change in any way.
There is a lot of tension between administration and teachers. Staff will converse with each other in the halls and complain about problems with administration. It's always interesting to listen in. MHS lost some great staff during my time at MHS: Janessa Reid in counseling, Mr. Smyth in orchestra, a few French teachers...
Providing all students with iPads was probably the best thing to happen during my time at MHS. I used my iPad for everything!
I had some phenomenal teachers. Most teachers will let you redo quizzes to boost your grade. Great teachers: Mrs. Stockheimer (math), Mrs. Sadowska (English), Mr. Will (tech ed), Mrs. Dargenio (Psych), Ms. Fassler (Natural Sciences).
Overall, my experience was a good one. I feel that i am prepared for college, and that i received a well rounded education.
There were many opportunities to participate in school activities as well as take college level classes for credit. Marshfield's AP program was a great asset. I graduated with college credits to help myself save money.
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Marshfield high school gives a diverse and open place for people to socialize. They also help many students prepare to get jobs or move onto college. Unfortunately some of the teachers either virtually ignore some of the students or are far too hard on them.
Marshfield High is a good school for any student that is on their way to college! There are many clubs to join, the teachers are understanding and passionate about their jobs, and you will feel welcomed the second you enter the doors!
I’ve had a great experience at Marshfield High School. The teachers are great and understanding and the work is bearable. There are a variety of enjoyable classes to take each year along with the challenging classes.
Marshfield offers a variety of AP classes that allow students to enter college prepared with work skills and credit. The school even offers an ACT prep class and requires all students to partake in this class. Marshfield High is committed to excellence.
Marshfield HS is an inclusive, smart group of students and faculty, where everyone is treated with respect.
Marshfield High School is really good academic High school and helped me a lot in academic way. Club activities are enjoyable and teachers are passionate in their area.
I love how the teachers are always there to help you or to answer questions. There are a wide variety of clubs and sports offered. There are also many AP classes that you can take. I would change it so that there were more fun/dress up days.
It is a good school district academically. There were several issues over the years I went there both involving me directly, indirectly, or not at all. There are some amazing teachers, in all the departments. I especially enjoyed teachers in the social-sciences department (History, Psych) and also the english department (Lit, Lang).
Overall, due to it’s excellent teachers and great AP program, it is one of the best places to get ready for college!
It’s very great academically, there are many clubs to join, but I feel like most people just care more about the sports and the new stadium we’re planning on building than the drama Club department or the art classes. The teachers are great, faculty are good. I don’t plan to graduate with my class but my experience here has been enjoyable.
This school has a lot more academic opportunities than most schools. I transferred to this school my junior year and I loved it. It was a focused school that was very friendly. Friends are made very easily as long as you are willing to get involved in your classes or the clubs. Music is fun to get into, especially marching band. I had the opportunity to go to Disney with the music department and had a blast. Tiger Warm-Up day is a good day to show up early with money for donuts. The only thing I didn't like was that the school did away with a lot of things that make high school fun, especially in the higher grade levels. There is no pranks allowed, even if they are all small and harmless to everyone involved and most of the typical high school homecoming activities have been replaced with ones that are childish and boring.
Marshfield is a small town in the middle of Wisconsin, where only the top few students (whose families are wealthy) are focused on. If you don't come from a family with money, or a family who's name is famous in town, prepare to hate high school. Diversity is not celebrated. Free thinkers are not celebrated. All thoughts and new ideas are shot down...
I recently graduated and I have to say I had really great teachers. I took part in a lot of extra curricular and the coaches were great. I have to say our school did change my senior year. Our Principal for three years was Mr. Sukawity - awesome guy. He was fun and cared about each of us. Something happened between him and the school board and he left. Then we got Mr. Wilhelm. A nice person just not like Mr. S. and the energy and fun dropped.
I only attended Marshfield school district my four years of high school. Overall, I was pleased. With a few exceptions, the teachers that I had were wonderful! I absolutely loved all of my English and History teachers! The counseling staff was terrific! There was great extracurricular activities for all interests as well.
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Excellent academics. I feel ready to tackle college. Facilities are old but functional. Large variety of sports programs. There is something for everyone. The town is in the middle of nowhere, but that can't be changed.
Marshfield High School is really good at setting students up for success. They put a high priority on academics and the importance of prep for college. The facility are all well suited for the courses they teach, and are all very helpful for the students.
The quality of this high school is relatively high. It offers a wide variety of activities for students to take part in. It is also recognized for it's academic accomplishments.
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