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Marshfield High School is a school filled with homophobic racist people who are all about favoritism, and the school administration cares more about attendance than they do the personal health of any of their students. If you want to go back in time to more strict rules and not much intelligence about really anything, go there. If not, go anywhere else. Some of the teachers are cool though.
There are many excellent teachers. I have had problems with a couple, but it was more along the lines of personalities conflicting. Many students tend to be apathetic. I wish that would change. The best thing about the school is the theatre program. It is amazing!
I think the academics here are very good, and if you pay attention in your calsses, you learn everything you need to from said class
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Most people are very accepting of diversity or they aren't bothered by it
There is an extracurricular or class for just about anything that a student might be interested in here
Most all the teachers here enjoy what they do, though there are some who only teach so they an coach
I have gone to Marshfield all my life and I have found it to be a very good experience overall
I think the health system is very good. Free vaccinations are available and we have a great nurse. The safety is nice as well. We have respectable police officers, which make me feel very safe. They stand in the halls. The principal also stands in the hall. The school is strict about signing in and out. The school also has a code system to pick children up from school.
My school has grown a lot regarding opportunities in being involved. My school has recently started offering online college classes, which I have been very privileged to take a part in. I am currently doing Psychology 101 and I plan to do more before I graduate high school. We also have duel credit classes. I am doing anatomy and physiology. We have a variety of clubs. I don't know where the list ends. We have art club, Spanish and French club, film club, harry potter club, reading and writing club, photography club, and much more. W
Although my school has some flaws, I would not trade it for another high school if I could. There are some teachers, which I believe made a huge impact on my life. I also met some great friends I might not have met without going to this school. These people made me a better person and I wouldn't be who I am without them. I wouldn't have my goals and ambitions of getting a doctorate in psychology without them. I realized that I can do more than I ever thought possible and I learned to never give up on my goals. I learned that failing a goal can give one a greater drive to succeed in the future. My school is also a small town school, which can feel more home like.
I think that there is room for improvement regarding specific teachers. I realize that there is room for improvement for everyone. Most of the teachers I am very fortunate to have, but I think a couple do not take time to try to understand their students and their struggles. Some are not as approachable in getting help. The good teachers we do have may not last long. One great teacher is getting cut for more advanced classes and online classes. After he is cut we will not have a French teacher anymore. We will have a French online class, but we won't have someone physically be there to teach it. He was a very respectable teacher and he was also very involved in training athletes in cross country. He also showed up to one of my swim meets to support my team mates and I because he felt that we were hardly supported by the school. I wish my principal would keep the respectable teachers longer.
I think this school is doing well, but there is more that they could be doing to improve. I consider the school fairly safe, but there is definitely room for improvement. For example, during all four of my high school years there was only one drug dog sweep, which, based on student drug use, should be done more often. Additionally, the school originally required every student to wear their ID at all times, but after student complaints they stopped that policy, and no one carries an ID anymore because the teachers don't check for them anymore. Also, the school has several security cameras, but many of them don't work, which has resulted in students' cars being broken into out in the parking lot, and the school could not do anything to catch the students breaking into the cars because the security cameras in the parking lot didn't work. I would definitely feel safer if we were again required to wear IDs, and if they fixed the security cameras. It would also be nice if they would make drug dog sweeps a little more often, and, even, if they added metal detectors.
While I love the teachers at this school, and have had plenty of good memories here, I do not agree with the way that this school is run. The school board has made some fairly questionable choices, for example, their choice to replace the French classes with classes such as Film Studies, even though a large majority of the students, staff, and parents (really, the community as a whole) do not support the elimination of these classes. I think the school could definitely do more to listen to the community's input, especially when parents and students do not support these decisions. I would love to attend a school where the school board was more open to community input, and where they cared about the interests of the students. Additionally, the administration at this school causes a lot of issues for students. They tend to pick favorites, choosing who to dish punishments out to, and they care little about the problems that the students are facing, both in and out of school.
For the most part the teachers at this school are excellent. They know what they are doing, and put a lot of time into helping their students. A large amount of the teachers are also very friendly and take a genuine interest in their students. There are very few teachers in this school that do not teach effectively, or that are not friendly.
Our school has a no-bullying policy, but I still can see some bullying around school; they just don't get caught. I have never personally felt unsafe. Each student is required to carry an id and must buzz in to come into the school if they're late or coming back in the school. The school nurse is ok, she will give people juice and crackers for most anything.
We have so many clubs and organizations at my school; I don't think could count them all. We have a club for everyone and what they're interested in. We have student government, drama, key club, soda club, we even have a club for horse lovers! Most of the people at Marshfield High School are involved in some type of club! I am involved in 3! We have about 50 in student government, a lot of people enjoy it! A lot of people are also in FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes)! Administration is very supportive in all of our organizations. Sometimes the administration will come to the meetings!
I love my school! Everyone gets involved in our school spirit weeks and pep rallys. Our administration at our school are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. They always greet the students with a smile, a high five or a helping hand. If I could do it all over again I would go back to Marshfield High School. I have had some of the best times here. I have made new friends, done things I never thought I would do and I have become a better person because of this school.
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I love my teachers. Each teacher I have had has treated me with respect and kindness. The teachers at Marshfield High School use the technology that they are given and they really have a passion and understanding for what they are teaching. Most teachers go above and beyond and care for the children with their whole hearts. I would not change my teachers for the world.
Bullying is not permitted under any circumstance. There are anonymous bully reporting tools, and everyone who has been reported of bullying will be questioned and most likely be punished for their actions. Most students at this school feel safe and protected.
There are tons of options for clubs, activities, and sports. There are clubs such as key club or soda club which contribute to helping the community. There are sports such as cheer leading, soccer, basketball, volleyball, or football, as well as many others. There is also honors choir, musicals, or marching band. The most popular options involve either a sport of something musical.
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