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I had a great experience at Marshfield High School. There are many different options for activities, sports, etc. If you put in the effort you will be well prepared for life after High School
The principal at Marshfield High School sets the tone for the building. He is all about high achievement and community involvement. I can't count the number of times I've heard him say, "we are Marshfield." There are tons of options for classes, sports, groups, arts, etc. There are so many opportunities for students to be involved. One of my favorite things is Grad Night Live, an all night celebration for graduates. It is run by volunteers using donated money and goods. Countless hours are spent transforming the school based on a different theme every year. The kids love it and it keeps them safe on an important night in their lives.
Marshfield High School gave me an excellent English education and lacked severely in Math. The school is also not diverse at all, sometimes causing tension.
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MHS has a lot to offer students, there is a huge variety of sports teams, clubs and classes to take. Marshfield is a big community the guidance department is extremely helpful with making everyones experience at school a great one.
Awful experience, they do not know how to work with students with disabilities. I was told I was lazy and just had anxiety and would not be able to go to college. Here I am in college succeeding. Guidance department did not believe in me nor did many teachers.
Marshfield High School overall is a good environment, and have really understanding and helpful faculty. I have heard horror stories of other guidance counselors from friends, but my counselor has helped me the most.
Marshfield has provided our children with a solid foundation. Through the teachers and administration, they have learned the imporrtance of school work as well as developing who they are and who they want to be. In addition, the school helps shape their involvement in our community.
I thought that Marshfield High School had a lot of great teachers who were willing to stay after school to help students, but those teachers were mostly confined to the upper level classes. The athletics program is excellent, but the football team is stereotypically over-glorified. The new building is definitely an asset.
I attended high school at Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Throughout my four years in high school, I learned many valuable lessons. The teachers who worked at MHS have a very big impact on my life. The teachers cared about their students and wanted to see them succeed. The MHS guidance council department was very helpful when applying to college. They made the process smooth and stress free. Marshfield High School faculty has a very positive influence on all their students.
The new building is great - it is very new and innovative design-wise. I also love how all the teachers are very helpful.
Almost let 2 lone parents cancel a field trip.KUTH
Obvious Planted reviews by Principal. Nice tryKuth
we are a well rounded community
policies are covered for these.
sports programs which are great need to be looked at through the eyes of the students/parents.

coaches don't promote "team" when only 5-7 players play in the games.

principal and athletic director are at these games and for four years nothing has been done to

correct this issue!
again, administration "sees" what they want to see and ignores

a lot!!
Staff is exceptional. Administration overall is good but take care of their own!
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There is not much diversity ethnically within the student body but most kids are accepting of different types of people. Students are very accepting of kids with special needs. There is some peer pressure within friend groups but can be easily avoided.
There are many organizations and clubs offered at MHS that students have access to join. The clubs do not discriminate (for the most part) and add value to the high school experience.
Most teachers at Marshfield High School genuinely want their students to do well and try their hardest to teach to their best ability. A small portion of teachers do not have their best interest in students and teach kind of poorly. But, overall, the teachers are pretty helpful.
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