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The school is very set on making sure that everyone of their students is ready for life in college and beyond. My school offers many opportunities with a variety of clubs and electives. Need extra help? then you can simply schedule into a teachers class during one of our weekly ENR sessions. These sessions take place everyday after 2nd period,for about 30 minutes. They are a great way to get extra help when needed. This is just one of the many things our school offers in order for MHS students to thrive. I always feel safe when going to school knowing that our school takes many precautions and has every intention of keeping its students safe. The teachers are amazing, we have many that have enough schooling to get a job somewhere else were they would get paid 10x then what they are being paid now. With overqualified teachers,friendly staff, and an abundance of opportunities. I can't complain about my experience at MHS.
Very helpful and caring teachers, a good amount of opportunities to gain college credits and achieve rewards through their programs.
Marshalltown high school was a great experience; it helped me to gain confidence and get involved with the school. The school is very diverse and there is a very good system at the school to help those who don’t speak much English. Marshalltown high school is one of the best experience that has ever happened to me.
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Marshalltown High School was a very diverse school which I loved so much! Being at a such diverse school teaches you new things and knowing a lot more people.
The entirety of the Marshalltown school district is filled with diversity that is substantial to the learning environment in the classrooms. Teachers work to interact with students on a personal level and many opportunities are available to students to achieve their goals.
I appreciate my PIER teachers and administrators. They helped me to be successful. I enjoyed my science classes and science teachers. Our school has lots of elective class choices. There are a wide variety of math and science classes. I enjoyed my Project Lead The Way classes. The teachers are helpful. They want us to succeed. We have numerous clubs, speech, drama, band, and sports to be involved in. The PIER group is a very good addition to the high school. It is a great way for students that are missing credits, or need to make up credits, to be able to be successful and graduate. I would not have been able to get back to school, get caught up, and graduate without of the help of the administrators and the teachers in the PIER group.
What I liked about MHS is the cultural diversity, and the teachers. The teachers do care for their students, and actually some teachers are willing to go out to lunch with students. The teachers help students out and make sure they do not fail. The sports and extracurricular activities are very well, and the coaches and directors of it are great. The music groups are always trained at and expected to perform at a professional level.
Fairly large, extremely diverse schools. The teachers seem to really care and enjoy their jobs. The counselors, nurses, and administrators work hard to make the high school a safe, happy learning environment.
Marshalltown High School is a nice school to attend. Within my first year there I have been able to participate in many different activities. I enjoy swimming, dance, band, orchestra, and extended learning programs. I have been involved in all of these programs since I started high school in August 2017. I plan to go out for soccer in the spring. These activities have given me the opportunity to get to know many new people and use my talents to help others. I have also had the opportunity to take a college class and advanced classes at MHS. Taking these classes help me to explore the many careers that I am thinking about in the future. I look forward to the remaining 3 1/2 years that I have left at MHS. I will continue to explore opportunities that I have available at MHS. I feel that I will be more than ready to go out into the world prepared for college and my future.
Marshalltown High school was a good place to go because of the diversity, but I just didn't like the fact that the counselors weren't really there to help you out with College or even your classes. It was a problematic school, but other than that the teachers were very nice and they taught pretty well.
It's not the greatest school in the world and it's not the worst. There is a lot of diversity, and for the most part we all respect each other. We have many college courses that the high school pays for. There are even some that you can take at the high school.
My personal experience at Marshalltown High School was very good. There I was encouraged everyday by my teachers to better myself. I was also able to challenge myself with Advanced, AP, and Dual Credit college courses. These classes have prepared me for college classes to come in my future.
Diverse school with staff that care about success of students. Offer some services for college readiness but still leaves much to be desired. There are plenty of academic opportunities but the administration can be frustrating.
What I like about Marshalltown High School is that they help you grow in your academic learning. They also make sure you understand everything before moving on. The Marshalltown High School staff also talk you into college and why it is important to you. They also make sure that we are heading the right way by talking to us about college and why we should get prepared.
I personally being a senior would did enjoy my High School experience at this school but there are some still flaws when it comes to attending. While many students do complain about how hot it can get inside the classrooms during the fall and the spring. In one of my chemistry classes we took a thermometer out and found out is was hotter inside than it was outside. Other than that minor issued this school does focus on preparing students for further education or in finding a job.
Marshalltown High School was overall a terrific high school to attend. Their dual-enrollment program that allows students to take college level courses for credit while attending high school was very beneficial in preparing me for college. The teachers at Marshalltown High School are very passionate about their content area and passing along that knowledge to students. MHS did an excellent job in fostering a life long love for learning.
The opportunity to be in arts, athletics, and excel in academics. Diversity is a top priority at MHS. The band and choral department are top-notch. All students have a voice at MHS and it is evident by the wide range of classes that they offer.
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I really enjoyed my High School experience at Marshalltown High School. It's a very diverse school and everybody there is kind. We have many clubs and sports and a good music department. The teachers and administration always encouraged us to do good in our classes and attend or participate in any school activities they offer. The teachers there are very helpful and I know all of my teachers that I've had encouraged me to do in my classes and helped me if I needed it or they would come ask me if I had any questions. Overall I thought my experience at Marshalltown High School was great and I made a lot of good memories I'll never forget.
I believe that this is a great high school to grow up in, there are many sports, activities, and clubs that you can be involved with. Though I would wish to see the fine arts curriculum receive more attention, and funding. Overall it is a very friendly and encouraging school.
Marshalltown High School allows students to be immersed in a diverse setting all while receiving a high level of educational opportunities. All students have chances to take dual credit/college credit courses which can reduce the future cost of college and make college more accessible.
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