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Marshall Senior High School Reviews

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Very good community and school just some junkets are not up to date and most teachers don’t teach us all of the stuff we need to know so we become behind. ~ class of 2021 graduate
It is a small school that offers several options to become successful! There Are Clubs, sports, Academic clubs. There is something for everyone!
I loved all of the school spirit that came from Marshall. The community was generally always very involved and supportive of the school. The coaches care about their players and the teams are more like families. There is something for everyone here and it always seems to be a fun and learning environment. Teachers try to ready their students for the real world, challenging them. They put in extra time at the beginning or end of the days when asked.
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Overall, high school was pretty great. MHS is all about student involvement and Owl Pride. They always pushed students to participate in activities and spirit days. Another great thing about MHS was that the teachers were always there to help you when you needed it. I think that one of the only things I would like to see changed at MHS was the overall condition of the high school building itself. There were issues that needed to be addressed but never really got the attention they needed and instead those funds were spent on unnecessary purchases.
The workload can be overwhelming for some, and scheduling of work can also be stressful but is manageable.
School is always secure about safety and does not tolerate any kind of bullying.
There's not a lot of clubs or organizations that every student would be interested in. But the commitment for sports is high.
I wouldn't come back and do it over again at this school because we lack in technology and financial support. It's not a high school that I would miss.
The teachers at the school do not have a very great quality, they're okay but not the best. Some care about their students and some don't. There's not a balance because every teacher is different but some engage the students and some don't. The teachers don't always want to stay after school to help students and some are not very involved.
DECA is one of the best extracurricular activities i could have taken.
Marshall High was one of the best FFA Chapters in the nation, and DECA chapter.
The teachers in Marshall High pick favorites and give no help to the rest of the students not all of them but most of them, but a few. Giving other students poor grades for the same work another student would get a A in.
The parents have some involvment while others are the main parents helping out.
Some of the teachers are well understanding, but others do not care for their students. They have the mentality of "I have already been through this and I have gotten my education so now you get yours."
There is one police officer who stays on campus every day. Security is pathetic though and school nurse hardly does anything
There are hardly any extracurriculars worth joining other than sports offered. Even in sports, the only decent programs are tennis and boys soccer maybe.
This school is terrible. First of all, the students are extremely cliquey and standoffish. the school is in terrible shape, when it rains there are trash cans all over the hallways because the ceiling leaks rain water. There's cockroaches and overall definitely would never come back here.
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Most teachers seem to care about their students. One teacher in particular seems to not be able to help students with homework. He doesn't understand how to teach their students and expects everyone to know the answer.
I think that the parents should partpactipate more
the teachers at my school ado their jobs really good ad try their best to get each and everyone of us to succeed
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