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This school is a disservice to its students and the community.
Most of the teachers are ill-equipped to actually teach, a majority of the teachers were inexperienced and still pursuing degrees. Several times I would check-in on a class and find the teachers texting on their phones while the children were left to do whatever they pleased. After 2 years we took our 2 children out and sent them to private school. Over a third of the school has non-english speaking and many special needs students are placed in the same classes with the general population. The teacher could only go as fast as the slowest student which led to a frustrating experience for my kids. They never had homework and would receive smiley stickers for a grade.
Marshall Road Elem. is not a good school. Several major factors result in our poor rating. 1. Admin (especially principle Heiges & her assist. princ. lack the care, desire & knowledge to provide a decent education to their students. The school does not follow FCPS guidelines to teach effectively & consistently. The school does not treat all students fairly. The teachers have no leader to guide them & lack common sense in providing the basics. Most students cannot do basic math or read/write even in upper grades. The school staff does not communicate with students & families because they have no clue what they are doing. The community tries to help each other because the school is not doing their part of providing the basics (in education). Each family is spending about several hundreds of dollars a month to supplement their child's education because the school is not doing their part. The school needs an educated leader with a caring core to improve Marshall Road School.
We moved to Virginia last winter, my daughter was reading 2 grade above her level and was gifted student in her previous school but since we moved here she did not learn anything new, They teach so basic and there is no homework, the students are not challenged in class room. They take the students very easy.
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Two of our children attended MRES and they were so unhappy that we finally moved. The principle lacks respect and empathy towards the students and their families. Prin. Jen Heiges is very unprofessional. She and the two asst. prin. lack the knowledge and desire to manage this school. Marshall Rd. is very unorganized. There is no effective curriculum. The h.w. given is ineffective and a waste of time. Parents have to take on the responsibility to teach their children. Majority of the teachers are below average. The teachers do not know how to teach students of any aptitude!
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