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Marshall Ranch Elementary School Reviews

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The school offered a few clubs and a few sports that the junior high student could be involved in after school.
The school environment is one of the safest in our county.
Facilities at Marshall Ranch Elementary are trying to maintain enough money to get the basic needs before they buy new technology. The school has so little money they have asked parents to buy paper towels so the students may dry their hands after washing.
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Marshall Ranch Elementary's administration was very moderate when I attended. The principal was not involved or helpful when he needed to take control of things. The dress code was hardly broken other than girls wearing short sleeved tops, which seemed to be unfair because we live in the desert and it reaches over 100 degrees commonly. The biggest issue that the administration is still trying to fix today is the parking lot. With students getting home through a bus, walking, biking, or parent pick-up, it is very busy in the small parking lot. Most teachers come out of their classrooms to help direct traffic to make dismissal as quick and safe as possible.
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