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Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School Reviews

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As a parent and active member of the PTA I have been impressed by the amount of teacher participation in making Pomeroy a truly great place for their students.
At Pomeroy, the safety and health is pretty good. I never encountered any bullying and there are anti-bullying activities. There isn't really a school nurse, but the people in the office make sure you are okay. Also, police aren't at the school, but are very close by.
Personally, I didn't really do many extracurricular activities at this school. But, I do remember doing an after-school sport session. I remember it was taught by the amazing coach and I had a very good experience .
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My experience with Marshall Pomeroy was great. I definitely have many memories of how much I had fun. The teachers there really made things great for me. I loved to learn back then and always looked forward to school, the main reason probably being the support from teachers and students. I would definitely choose this school again as I haven't encountered any teacher that didn't want to help you.
In my personal opinion, all the teachers I had were wonderful. I connected with many and learned a lot from them. They make the classes engaging and I was able to understand everything that was taught. I had a lot of fun in elementary school and I believe the main reason would be because of my teachers.
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