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John Marshall High School is a great environment for anyone to attend. I recommend the neighborhood because it is a safe environment to play sports around, or walk your dog, or even go to neighborhood activities such as bar-b-ques or a party. The restaurants around Marshall are very convenient for off campus lunch. The sports are so-so but we are getting there! Recently, we had our cross country team get first place for varsity girls, where i placed 7th indivually.
My experience at Marshall High School was pretty average. All throughout my high school experience, I have met many different people. Whether they were students or teachers most of them were amazing people. My teachers helped me so much to understand what we are learning and i'm grateful for them for that. Our Admin is not that good. They don't ever listen to us kids when something is wrong or get mad at us for the smallest of things.
My experience at John Marshall was average- nothing boring, nothing exciting. I wasn't an athlete, I only cared about my academics. As just any other kid in this school, I noticed the favoritism to the athletes. If you weren't an athlete, you were nobody. Almost all funding went to the athletes.
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Going to John Marshall High School was a blessing. I believe that I got the education I needed to enter college very well prepared academics and personal wise.
This is a good school, well organized events, a fair selection of clubs, and a diverse atmosphere. Most of the teachers are very helpfully, for when it come to tutoring; they make sure you are ready for any test you are about to take. I would like to see the school get a more modern look, some of the things are outdated, since it is one of the oldest high school in NISD.
The teachers are amazing, and the clubs are pretty cool. The cafeteria food sucks though, but the servers are really nice.
School needs to be updated. Facilities are older and need to be somewhat up to date. School is good in sports and extracurricular activities. Wish there was a little more focus on academics and college preparedness.
Great school with a diverse group of students. I would like more updated fields and equipment for sports.
I had an awesome four years. Marshall Marching band ROCKS!! I loved being involved in school. Great teachers ! Dual credit courses available to earn college credits. Just a great experience...
I enjoyed both being able to have the company of a small group of close friends, as well as the inclusive community the school had to offer. The teachers will do absolutely everything in their power to help students succeed. They work around your schedule with athletics, hold tutoring sessions at least twice a week, and a lot of the time they can act as a friend you can confide in.
Marshall High School was a great environment with many educators and faculty focusing on the best for their students to be successful. The environment of Marshall could be described as a very welcoming place where everyone is accepting and willing to help eachother be the best they can be.
I love the baseball program on campus because it's allowed me to form friendships that I know will last a life time. In the future, I would like more money to be invested into the athletics program for new equipment and uniforms.
My Marshall is my second home, its a place that has formed me as a person. Its a school open with diversity and cultures of all kinds with teachers that would love to see you succeed in life. The halls are filled with memories and laughter from all four years I spent there.
I am now a senior at Marshall, so I have been here all 4 years. I have met so many awesome people through the activities and clubs here at Marshall. I love attending football, volleyball, softball, and soccer games. You can tell how passionate and driven the team and coaches are. There is lots of teachers on campus who absolutely love what they do and are passionate for teaching. I can’t see myself going to another high school than Marshall, my experience has been very memorable.
Throughout my four years at Marshall I would have to say the one thing I enjoyed most was sign language. Marshall is the only school so far in NISD that offers ASL classes and has broadened not only my language skills but also cultural awareness to the deaf community. One thing I would like to see changed at my school is the reconstruction of the restrooms. My school is the oldest in Northside and hasn't had much renovations done to their restrooms, which they desperately need. Despite Marshall's downsides, its seniority brought a feeling of "being home" which I don't believe I would find at any other high school.
The admins don't take their job seriously, when there is a dispute with a student and teacher the teacher almost always win even when there are situations and evidence that shows that the teacher was lying and attempting to get the student in trouble for a issue they never caused, only time these issues get resolved are with parents and most parents work during school hours
There are some great teachers who reall care about their students future and education. However the administration was very lazy and did not care about students on multiple occasions. The school also was poor in the area of college readiness.
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The last four years of my life have gone by fast, and I’m glad to have attended John Marshall. In fact, some of my best moments have been spent at Marshall. My US history teacher, mrs.Goldsmith has been a reliable resource for any student at Marshall- whether you’re her student or not. I’ve found mysel in her classroom many times just conversating about every day things. However, the rest of the school could use some changes such as how the administration handle situations. There have been times where the AP office would ignore parents and students seeking help, and that not very ethical of them.
The school was great, I was happy to become a part of that school. The teachers had a great teaching skills. If I didn't understand anything, I could ask a teacher any time, and they would not hesitate to help.
Marshall High school has great teachers and you can connect with them on a personal level. Admin is great and staying inforcing rules.
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