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My high school career here was great. It’s easy to make friends there with such small class sizes. I would like too see all students having the same lunch time because it would be easier on students who don’t have friends at that lunch.
My 4 years at the MHS were great. The teachers are nice. Students are treated nice. It is really a great family to be apart of. The building is really nice and holds community events. Their is plenty of Clubs and sports to join. MHS stands out from the surrounding community high schools.
Marshall High School seemed kind of intimidating my freshman year, but soon became comfortable with it! The school is small compared to most, being located in a small town. The teachers are all very welcoming and funny! They are clearly dedicated to their students success and do an amazing job at teaching. I never met a teacher I disliked! There aren't many clubs, the sports are the basic ones, no soccer, lacrosse, swimming, or anything fancy like that. The community gets together mainly for football and basketball games. Students are given a chromebook for every day use, which we can take home for homework. I think having that is nice, so that we always have access to multiple resources.
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Marshall High School was a great opportunity to enhance my learning while making friends. The teachers were excellent and acted as if we were all family. The parents of the students were super involved and made sure that their children were receiving the greatest education possible. The food needs some work for it is often dry and unsalted. Most of Marshall is white, and therefore, it would be nice if Marshall had some more diversity within their students and staff.
Marshall High School has allowed me to be myself and excel both in and out of the classroom. Because it is such a small school, I have had the opportunity to build relationships with all of my teachers and peers. I know everyone in the school by name, which is part of what makes me feel so comfortable in the school. My experience in the school could be bettered by eliminating Standards Based Grading (a new form of grading instead of traditional letter grades), improving the food, and giving academics more recognition over sports.
I attended Marshall schools since I was 4 years old in Pre-K. I was advanced in most of my classes, and was taking upperclassmen coursework as an underclassman. My senior year of high school I was taking classes at MATC. This helped get me college credit while still in high school and put me ahead in my coursework. I thought that it was a difficult process and that they didn't really offer support on how to sign up or what my options were. I felt alone signing up almost like they were trying to discourage me from doing it. I think that this school as well as others holds students back. They aren't pushing the advanced students to do better, but instead letting them settle into the routine of what others are doing. Everyone learns at a different pace so they need to be giving opportunities for everyone whether they're struggling or exceeding expectations.
Sports are the most popular, but music comes in a close second
I loved growing close with my entire grade and creating the memories that shaped me to be the way I am
The smaller class sizes create an opportunity to be more engaged and vocal during classes
Some teachers are great. Others need to retire.
Class is made up of great kids. Not much bullying
Throughout my experience at Marshall High School I have heard several times students say they cannot wait till they graduate so they can leave Marshall and never come back. I understand it is a small school and everyone knows each other but, I personally would not have it any other way. I moved my junior year to a different school, ironically, it happened to be the "rival" school. Coming from someone who was also one of those people who said they wanted to leave Marshall and never come back, once I left I missed it more than anything else. I missed my classmates, my teachers, the environment. Luckily, I am back at that school now, which makes me really happy that I get to finish my senior year with the people I grew up with. Why would anyone want to leave where we grew up? We all get so used to seeing each other every day that we forget what it is like to not see each other. Many students at Marshall may have their differences and some may not get along. However, I believe Marshall is a great school filled with unique and awesome students and spectacular teachers! Not to mention our school spirit is incredible. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Marshall High School and district strives to stay at the forefront of new technology. All of our students in the High School have been provided laptops and most learning is done on the laptop. This has opened up more educational opportunities for them as well as helped to keep their engagement and personalize their learning. It provides a great athletic experience for the young people too with coaches that are talented and care about the kids.
Overall, school experience at MHS has been positive. There are many different activities in which a majority of the students participate. The teachers are very positive and helpful; however, one of the negative factors about the teachers is that many of them have "favorites," and they make it obvious. One of the best experiences in this school is homecoming week, with many different activities (i.e. mural painting, float building, lip sync, etc.) that are held throughout the week. One unique factor about Marshall High is our school spirit. Throughout our conference, we are known as having the most enthusiastic student section, especially at basketball games. If I could go back to school after I graduate, I would because I feel welcomed every time I come to school and it's very safe and, almost, like a sanctuary, in some ways.
We have recently changed our lunch menu. There is now several options that a student may chose from. Everyday there is the option of pizza, hamburger, a wrap, build your own cold sub and then there is also one additional food that changes everyday. Students must take something fruits or vegetables from the salad bar to continue going through the line to the main food. There are also snacks that students may buy as well.
We have many different sport that a student could be involved in. We have football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, cross country, track, and dance team. The team performances are really good, we get pretty far in many of the sports. We have a lot of fan support for the small school that we have. The athletic facilities are good, the high school just got their gym redone in 2014.
The principal and office staff is very involved and very helpful. We have good attendance records, I would say there are not many people who have a lot of unexcused absences. The agree with the dress code, girls can not wear shorts that are at least longer than their finger tips when their arms are straight on their sides, no spaghetti straps showing, we are recently allowed to wear hats as long as your ears are not covered.
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I feel I am very prepared for college. There are many classes that I have taken when they have said, "this is how it will be in college" or "In college you will have to do this". They have shown/told me a lot of the things I will need for college. I feel I am very prepared for the real world because there are classes that I have taken to prepare me for the real world, I have learned how to manage my money, balance a checkbook, do my taxes, how to buy a house/car, etc.
We have many different options of clubs and organizations in our school that students could be involved in. Some of the clubs and organizations include FCCLA, FFA, Forensics, Drama, NHS, Science Olympiad, Student Council, VAC... There are many students involved in these clubs and organizations, some students are on multiple. I believe that the people in these groups are committed to the group, they participate in the events that the group has. I would say the most popular or fun options would be FFA and Science Olympiad because they have many different events that they go do.
All of the teachers that I have had at this school have been really great, they have all been very accepting to the different students, they showed no favoritism to one student over another. They all know and have a good understanding on the topics they are teaching. They care about all their students and do their best to help them in any way that they can. They all have their own ways of teaching and making class interesting to keep the students engaged. All of the teachers are consistent with grading, they have the same grading rubric for everyone.
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