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My experience in MarshallHigh School, was Okay . Can't say it was wounderful , but over all it was average. The most important thing I would change is the food. How would you expect for students do their best without a good source of proteins. Another thing the I would like to be changed is the way of teaching.
When I was there they really don't get the students ready for college at all and when they do it's poorly done. The next city had almost their whole graduate class ready for college like literally was 430 or 500 out 575 students ready for college even if they weren't going to college they still had credits on their belt in case they wanted to go to school.
I really loved how Marshall High School paired up with East Texas Baptist University so that we could have an opportunity to take college level classes at our school campus.
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The school was pretty good, it had some good teachers but there were some that weren't as good. I really enjoyed going to Marshall high, I had many good experiences like football games, pep rally's, and soccer games even though soccer isn't that important there.
I graduated in the top of my class from Marshall High School in 2013. I received a great foundation for my education that I needed to excel during my college career. At Marshall, I was surrounded by teachers who cared about my success and were passionate about a safe place to focus on my education.
The faculty are nice and willing to connect with the students, as are some of the teachers. Other teachers, however, could care less if you pass and learn.
Faculty & Staff aren't caring. They let the students run over them. They do not have their stuff together. Poor education. Lots of drugs running around in the school. Students skip class/school all the time. The school is worn down, out of date and desperately needs a remodel! The food is terrible. They care more about football than academics. Mainly African American Population. Not successful at getting students college ready.
It can be a good school, if only some the teachers and administrators would put more effort/work into their jobs and teach the things that need to be taught.
I am a junior at Marshall High School and I am totally grossed out by the bathrooms here. I don't learn much because most of the teachers to care if we learn or not. All they care about is if we are here so that they can get paid. There are way too many fights and kids can just leave campus whenever they want and not get in trouble for it. A school should have discipline.
Marshall High School is a school that gets a lot of hate for being "stereotypically" horrible. It's the school that's been labeled as the last resort per say, the school that has the drugs and the fighting. People think that MHS is all bad. Despite all of these stereotypes and labels, MHS has been so much more for me. Of course it has its problems but every school does. MHS has been my home away from home for the past four years. I have received a wonderful education, made lifelong friends, and have been taught by teachers who genuinely care about me and who I am. I was never just a body filling up space in a classroom. I mattered. My presence and my opinions were never put to the side. I was consistently happy there. I loved my experience at MHS and I'm so grateful for the opportunities it has granted me.
A lot of the things that happen at my school can be pretty confusing. All of the principals can be pretty difficult, but sometimes they can be just fine. The things i think that my school should change is the school lunch situation. We all wish that we could have off-campus lunch or even better lunch.
What I enjoyed about my high school is how my principle would make many events to get the students involved. She made my high school years more memorable by planning dances, getting guest speakers, awards, etc. One thing I think needs to change is the motivation in students. Many students lack this quality because of teachers not giving there full for their student. I believe if teachers give there the full percentage that they have for the day and truly work with each individual we will grow.
Most kids at this school are very disrespectful. You may find some good respectful kids if you are lucky. Most teachers try to teach us stuff but because of most kids they cannot complete their mission. The food here is HORRIBLE. The lunch lady's do not try at all, the food stays cold , and they serve old food.
In my opinion, Marshal High School is a very diverse school that serves for growth and achievement. The teachers and counselors are very helpful, especially Mrs. Harrison she makes sure you are college ready. If theirs is one thing i could change about Marshall High School is the food. The food isn't so great at Marshall High, for example some foods are very cold and not well done. That leads to something else i do not like about Marshall High, is the cleanness . The students their can be very messy at times in leave their trash in the hallways excepting for the custodians to pick up after them. Therefore my overall experience at Marshall High School would be a 4, but i'll always be proud to be a Maverick!
My high school years have been the best; however, I wish we had plenty of more activities and school spirit.
Most of my high school teachers are very helpful and encourage you to succeed.
My freshman year was stressful, and wild, but the teachers, and principals stood by my side till I got to where I needed to be. I would choose to do it all over again, because I regret nothing. Everything was a lesson learned, and band only made everything better. Band is my heart, love it!
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The teachers at Marshall High School do more than they have to. They actually care about our future success. Some teachers have a great method for teaching, and there are some who don't exactly reach the line. The teachers communicate, and make sure we get the knowledge we need that they have to offer. They are very consistent about grading. If a mistake is made, they take the time to fix it.
Some teachers are extremely willing to help you. If you can't keep up in the more advanced classes, there are other classes you can take.
Mostly black, white, and Hispanic, but there are some Asians and some of Indian decent
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