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The high school was a good school. I felt like had everything I needed to perform well and move on to college.
The cultural diversity within my four years here broadened my knowledge within several other cultures and religions. There are so many different levels of rigor that classes have to offer that there is sure to be something for everyone! Which brings me to saying I truly believe that everyone has a place within Marshall High School. Between all the sports and extra curricular activities offered Marshall High School is somewhere to go to find your own niche and who you are and guide you on an amazing pathway to life!
What I like about my school is how many electives it offers. You can take classes for every field of interest. The counselors are helpful and keep you on track to graduation. I'd like to see more inclusivity and diversity, though. There are currently no teachers of color here and there's been problems with racism. Once that is fixed, I think MHS could be a more enjoyable place to be.
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Overall, my experience at Marshall High School was pretty good. In general, the classes were small so the student-teacher relationship was good. The teachers respect and help students when necessary. I like the different variety of classes that the high school offers.
I love Marshall High School. We have some of the most dedicated, caring, and intelligent teachers out there. Our teachers are working even harder than usual during our online school due to Covid-19. I have had numerous Microsoft Teams meetings with the classes or just one-on-one with my teachers. My email is blowing up with staff from the school, checking up on how us students are doing. Marshall High School is devoted to equipping students with all the tools they need to succeed. Whenever Marshall graduates come back to town, they brag about how well their high school teachers prepared them for college classes. Marshall offers so many different sports, fine art activities, clubs, and other other activities. There is no shortage of activities, from volleyball to math team to the fall musical. Marshall High School and its staff have helped to grow my love of school and make me the person I am today.
All of the teachers care about their students and want what is best for them but there are some policies that need to be reviewed by the administration for the school to run better.
The school atmosphere is welcoming once you walk in. The teachers want you to succed in thier classes and find colleges. All the events are fun to go if you have some free time. The food is amazing! There is a variety you can eat and the school takes health allergies serious. The counselors help you find scholarships if you're struggling to find some. The Ramp Up program they institute helps students prepare for college and what you can expect.
Very good and helping teachers. Required classes can often seem pointless. It is always a safe environment that wants to help you succeed.
Marshall High School provides opportunities to grow in your education by exploring interests with in fine arts departments as well as agricultural classes and much more. The administration does their best to provide a structured environment while also giving us students, the freedom and responsibility of an hour lunch, to talk to teachers and get homework accomplished.
I loved my teachers during Highschool. It was there that I found my love for helping people. I had a human anatomy teacher, Mr.Maxwell, who made a challenging class my favorite class I've ever taken. I learned a ton about the human body and how everything works. He also offered a little extra credit to look into the latin origin of the medical names for different parts of the human body. He also taught me that if I want to succeed in the medical field I have to be determined and take ownership of short comings. Before High-school I was always scared to ask for help but every teacher. My school also has a ton of opportunities for students to get ahead in college by offering a ton of AP, Honors, CIS, and PSEO classes. We also have a ramp-up class that helps us get ready for college. We also are given ACT Prep for free and are able to take one free ACT test.
The people there are what make the school an amazing place to be. Teachers and coaches all are dedicated to what they are doing to try and make you the best person you can be which gives you a feeling of home when you are there. The students at the school also make the school so much fun from their support for athletics and effort in the classroom.
The teachers at Marshall High School are fantastic. They understand what we are going through and they help us in any way possible to ensure that we are learning everything we need to know.
Marshall is a small but great community. They have 4 different schools. K-2, 3-4, 5-8 and 9-12. I had a good experience attending school in Marshall.
A majority of the teachers at Marshall High School are truly excellent teachers and human beings. Many of them put in countless hours, well beyond their pay, to help their students succeed. Some even give up their weekends to host study sessions for their students prior to exams. This high school also has a near impeccable principal. He makes a point to attend as many sporting and musical events as possible in order to support all of his students. He makes his presence known by his humble leadership and dedication to academic success for all his students. The school building itself is very well kept, technologically up-to-date, and full of friendly faces - however an expansion is definitely needed. Our student numbers are exponentially increasing and our building could use some help in keeping up.
I like everything about my school. They let us work out whenever we want. And use the track to run if we would like to run indoors.
I was a good student but terrified of math (sadly -- I now understand math is a beautiful subject and have become fairly good at it...better at it than Physics anyway). And terrified of Chemistry (had no choice but to get good at this now). I took 5-7 APs which was unheard of at my extremely lowly-rated public school.
Great place to learn and helpful teachers.Students are friendly and respectful.Been to MHS since my freshman year and this year will be my last year there 2k19.So glade to be part of the Marshall tigers couldn’t ask for better place to attend school in MN.
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As a senior at Marshall High School, I have had many experiences that have shaped my life. I feel like I have learned who I am, and what I am trying to be. I have had many friends in high school that I knew I wanted to be nothing like them, but also friends that have showed me what I should try to achieve. If I hadn’t gone to this school, I would not have know these things as much as I do now.
Marshall High School has a very nice setting. The academics are very high for standards in some categories, but the school itself has many unnecessary and very dumb standards that require you to complete a variety of classes from all subjects. This is useful when you don't like taking English or Math classes but when they force you to take agriculture classes in order to graduate, the system becomes quite wasteful for a students time. Athletics have been known to be pretty high up there in most sports. Marshall has had multiple state appearances in almost all sports within the past couple year.
Marshall has a great diversity and many opportunities to succeed. However, they should push students into taking pseo classes and really try to help students instead of sending them to matec.
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