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I was a good student but terrified of math (sadly -- I now understand math is a beautiful subject and have become fairly good at it...better at it than Physics anyway). And terrified of Chemistry (had no choice but to get good at this now). I took 5-7 APs which was unheard of at my extremely lowly-rated public school.
Great place to learn and helpful teachers.Students are friendly and respectful.Been to MHS since my freshman year and this year will be my last year there 2k19.So glade to be part of the Marshall tigers couldn’t ask for better place to attend school in MN.
As a senior at Marshall High School, I have had many experiences that have shaped my life. I feel like I have learned who I am, and what I am trying to be. I have had many friends in high school that I knew I wanted to be nothing like them, but also friends that have showed me what I should try to achieve. If I hadn’t gone to this school, I would not have know these things as much as I do now.
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Marshall High School has a very nice setting. The academics are very high for standards in some categories, but the school itself has many unnecessary and very dumb standards that require you to complete a variety of classes from all subjects. This is useful when you don't like taking English or Math classes but when they force you to take agriculture classes in order to graduate, the system becomes quite wasteful for a students time. Athletics have been known to be pretty high up there in most sports. Marshall has had multiple state appearances in almost all sports within the past couple year.
Marshall has a great diversity and many opportunities to succeed. However, they should push students into taking pseo classes and really try to help students instead of sending them to matec.
Marshall High School was an overall good experience for me. A small town girl growing up with musical dreams did not create a limited scene here. Actually MHS provided numerous opportunities to grow in experience for the future. I loved taking part in the vast activities in the school, such as Band, Marching Band, and even Winter Drumline. Besides the music department, sports were a huge part of the culture and enjoyable to partake in. On the educational sides of things, the teachers were above average and the curriculum taught was quite beneficial. However, when it comes to change, school safety in regards to the recent saddening nationwide events should be addressed. This is mainly referring to backpack and entryway regulation. Only acute incidences have occurred so far, but when they do happen, it's easy not to feel safe. Hopefully this is something they can prevent before something more traumatic hits and an adolescent's life is the price paid for negligence.
The Marshall High School is full of diversity; this school allows you to be who you are no matter what. There are lots of different clubs/sports/activities; there is something for everyone! Not only is there something for everyone there is also very helpful teachers. Through the Marshall High School you can not only take AP or CIS classes but PSEO as well. This allows students to excel in any subject that they may love. None of the students abilities are held back but instead they are encouraged by the staff at the Marshall High School.
Marshall High School is a nice facility. However, administration is not very friendly and some teachers are very poor.
I love my high school. There are so many opportunities and the school grows bigger every year. Everyone is supportive of one another and I love that. Our sports fan base is amazing. We are always travelling and cheering on for our team mates. Go Tigers! The positivity in our school is none like any other. I swear by that. The classes are well taught by great teachers and they care greatly for our education. MHS is a great school for a great experience and to make awesome friends.
The thing I praise most about Marshall High School, is our music program. We have all 4 fields of art performance, Theater, Choir, Band (and marching Band), as well as a very strong String Orchestra program. The marching band is, they have gone to national marching band competitions multiple times. Our orchestra program which I am in has a extremely dedicated teacher, who often presents new music opportunities to the board which is almost always gladly accepting because of MHS's strong support of music. Our Choir goes and sings at festivals often and our theater does around 5-10 plays a year! Everything is heavily student involved and very democratic. The music program is what I believe to be the strongest thing at MHS, and that has inspired me to follow my passion and go to college for Violin performance. Because of these characteristics of MHS, it makes it feel like a family more than a giant mass of students, and educators. MHS truly is a role model High School.
The teachers are great, but the food could be better. You can try a lot of new things and classes. There is not much else to say, but the teachers are understanding and want to help you do good in collage.
I think Marshall High School has some great teachers and staff. Most of the time it is a decent place to be, especially if you have good friends. It is very big and it is a very nice, newer school. Something I would like to see change is the discipline. I feel that sometimes Marshall High School lacks in is the discipline. I feel that sometimes when things get taken to the office when a student has a problem, they don't always fix whats going on, or they let people get off the hook. I have seen this first hand when a student bullied me and I didn't say anything to her just went down to the office to try and get her to stop every time, and she would cry and get away with it. It got to the point where I didn't want to go to school the last few weeks. But my mom talked to the school and she finally left me alone. I felt like it could've been dealt with before all off this went down, and it would've been easier at happier for everyone.
I absolutely love my school! The options and opportunities that are open to students are amazing and really challenge you whether it’s in academics, athletics, or clubs. The teachers are amazing and super supportive, and though the classes may challenge us, our teachers are always open to help. As a graduating senior, I feel ready to take on the world because of my school. I can’t fully explain how grateful I am for Marshall High School.
Marshall high school was a great place for me to complete all 4 years of high school. I recommend it for anyone in the area.
We have the one-hour lunch at our school which is an amazing opportunity for us students to visit with our teachers, meet with clubs or activities, do homework, or just take a break from the school day for a little while.
There were many excellent teachers, but there were also many who were less than. They often weren't willing to work with students who had severe medical problems like myself. I ranked low for safety because I have severe food allergies, and due to the fact that the school was not allergy friendly, I had to leave the school. Unfortunately, I feel that the academics were lacking, and that there was a far bigger focus on clubs and activities, especially sports.
I am glad to say Marshall High School (MHS) is one of the best high schools in Minnesota if not in the USA. I like the way teachers want all of their kids to succeed rather than few of us. Sports have been at the center of MHS in recent years. Our Football team went to the quarter final at the state and Basketball won third place in the state. The soccer team was one game away from the state championship for the last two seasons.
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Marshall High School is a diverse school. I love that all races are treated equally throughout the teachers and other staff. One thing that they changed while I was in school was the lunch system. They do a one hour lunch time so that kids can work on homework and if they are falling behind in a class they get the chance to work with the teachers and catch up. I do, however, wish some teachers would not give so much homework knowing that us students have a lot of homework in other classes. Most students in this high school also participate in after school sports/activities, which makes it much harder for them. Also, I think that they should balance education and sports meaning they shouldn't prioritize sports over education when a certain season comes around (i.e. volleyball, football, basketball).
Marshall High School isn't too bad of a school. The teachers are pretty nice overall, and the classes are educational, as they should be. There is a good selection of classes to take, however, I would've liked to see more classes dealing with graphic design so I would've been more prepared for my college classes.
I really enjoyed attending high school here. I made several close friends here, all of which I still am in contact with. Through this school I had so many opportunities to learn and connect with others. Honestly, I can't see myself going to any other high school.
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