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Great school overall and there is a fair amount of diversity in the county district as over all for the type of town we live in this school is pretty laid back but is strict when needed
I would like to see the bathrooms and classrooms be renovated. Other than that, Marshall County High School is pretty positive and chill.
I liked how serious the administration was to see us prosper in life. They pushed us and encouraged us no matter how down we felt. Even when we wasn’t interested in something they took the time to find out what we were interested in and created gold from there. I wish they would change school year routine for the underclassmen. They get tired of seeing the old stuff.
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I love Marshall its a great school and small town. Marshall has taught me a lot in the last four years and now I’m ready for college. The only thing i disagree with is I think that a lot of effort is put into football more than anything else but i guess most high schools are like that. I guess that’s there money maker. I think you should praise all sports in high school.
Marshall County High School offers the right amount of learning and breaks. Allowing for homework to be completed at school and giving time to do extra curricular activities after school. Although I would like to see college readiness taken more seriously and offer more dual enrollment or college credit classes. I think offering more information about college may change the minds of people planning not to attend.
I would like to see more interaction between the clubs and the students, and the school also needs a better way of notifying students of when club meetings are. It could also use a better range of courses that are offered to students.
I am a senior at Marshall County High School that will be graduating in 2018. I have been a student at this school for my whole high school career. Our Principal, Mr. Bush, was recently awarded the Middle Tennessee regional principal of the year. The vast majority of my teachers were more than happy to stay after and work with me on anything I needed help with. MCHS's vocational center, Spot Lowe, is excellent. The students have been told that Spot Lowe was voted to be the best vocational center in Tennessee, and I definitely believe that. When SkillUSA, a student ran club based in vocational school, goes and competes against other schools we smoke them. And having a resource like Spot Lowe makes MCHS incomparable to any other school in Middle Tennessee.
My experience at Marshall County High School has been largely positive. Despite the fact that I transferred to the school late in my high school career (junior year), the students and faculty were very inviting and helpful. As of now in my senior year, I truly believe the more advanced A.P. courses and inviting student body are preparing me for college both academically and socially.
This school is certainly unique. I've never in my life experienced such a bad discipline program. My friend had been getting bullied for months, and even put a school restraining order on the girl because she was threatening her. But this girl was still allowed to approach my friend and then ended up beating her up and only got suspended for three days, and keep in mind this girl has a reputation for getting into several fights. The reason it was so short was because her mother was a cop.
I've been to much better schools that taught better, but never before this school, have I been able to emotionally connect with a teacher and trust them. Since it is such a small school the teachers can give a much better one-on-one experience.
Depending on club activity, a student has opportunity to be engaged in extra activities
What I have enjoyed most at this school is drama class/ performing arts and concert choir.
Teachers in high school have so many students in a class that it is impossible to gain the help needed for issues in class.
Our school security is alright its nothing special and I don't think we need much security here because we don't have a bat town where we will have to have metal detectors and police here 24/7. Visitor sign ins are required, we have security cameras we have random drug dog sweeps in contraband sweeps occasionally stuff like that
, we have very few clubs at the school I wish we had more clubs that fit different people most of the clubs are very general we need more minority clubs and clubs where people find themselves and fit in not just academic clubs, and there are some clubs that not many people take part of in & there are some clubs that are only for people that are academically smart students,. I think that we need more small sports club like ping pong and things like that we don't have very many after school activities are there even if you did most people want to participate in them
, high school was great my freshman year it was exciting and new once you get to senior year it's very boring and you're the top dog of the school so it's not as exciting as when you're a freshman and everyone was older than you but overall the school is OK nothing special I wouldn't repeat it
Some try to help us the best they can
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My school officers and principals are always on the look outs for all the students we are monitored twenty four seven and we have safety percautions.
As a make her of many clubs we strive to include many students to join is after school so they can communicate better 28th not only their fellow students but with our community.
The parents at my school do get involved but most of the time itsjudgementaland throw all over the place.
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