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It is a small community school. Everybody knows everybody else. Teachers are great. I spent a lot of time in the band and choir sections of the school and the auditorium is amazing
My experience with the educators and staff at Marsh Valley High School was great. The classroom sizes were small which allowed one on one communication between teachers and students and cultivated a comfortable learning environment. Throughout my time there, the school district did a great job of hiring new staff members that were interested in the education of the students and in helping them achieve their goals. While attending, I had the opportunity to participate in many sporting events, on the student council and in clubs that promoted drug free environments and individual wellness not only at the high school but also the middle and elementary schools within our district. One change I would like to see take place in the Marsh Valley School District would be hiring a new athletic director. This change would directly affect the high school by replacing old coaches and eliminating small-town politics that often interfere and allow more students the opportunity to participate.
I love Marsh Valley because it’s a school district that we can all call home. We are 8 towns that come to one school, and support each other however we can. The education is continually progressing, and the teachers are down to earth and very good at helping your become the best you can be. We may be small and rural however our athletes stand out amount our school rivalry’s. It’s an exceptionally safe school with a closed campus, and many programs and clubs to help keep students out of trouble. Marsh Valley is the best place if you enjoy close friendships and a home at school.
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I have really enjoyed attending Marsh Valley because it is a close knit community full of kind, caring people! If I could change something, I would make it so that there are more learning opportunities for the students as well as updated equipment in the classrooms.
I feel like nothing bad has happened that I can recall at my school, which is good. There is always a cop somewhere on campus, which is also good!
We have a pretty good amount of people that enjoy and participate in sports. I think our sports pull the school together and is our strongest point, school spirit wise. We have an an art club where students can stay after school on monday and have fun making anything really. I love our art classes because we have the opportunity to take a pottery class and make pots on the wheel!
If I could go back and have the decision to go to a different school, I don't know if I would go because of the close- knit environment this school offers. Everyone at this school knows each other! You walk down the hallway and know everyone and if there is a new student everyone is excited to see them. I even know the cooks and janitors! I have enjoyed attending school with the same people I went to school with since elementary. Due to our lack of money, I feel like I have a better knowledge of need versus want. I think that it has been a good experience to understand that sometimes you have to make the best out of what you have.
I think the teachers at my school do a good job at teaching their students. I wish our school had more college class opportunities for the students, as well as, electives. Our school doesn't have very much money so one might feel deprived of new technologies or study methods. Some of our books that we learn from are quite old, so some teachers use the internet to teach more modern material. Overall, I feel that most of the teachers do the best with what they have to offer their students.
There are sports, but only the popular ones. Clubs are limited and few, and do not require members to attend regularly.
I love the environment because of the people. Everyone, including the teachers are super friendly and willing to help you out. I have not seen or experienced any bullying at this school.
Teachers are friendly and willing to work with students one on one. However, most teachers do not try harder than they have to to give students a quality education.
Our school is very good about making sure you feel safe in your surroundings. If someone feels uncomfortable or unsafe, all they have to do is bring it up to a teacher or administrator. It is a very simple and easy process. They are all very understanding.
Our sports teams do relatively well and are supported by most everyone. I really love the environment at Marsh Valley. Everyone is very supportive. There are varieties of activities that occur at our school. Most people support sports activities, but band and choir also are a priority. Our performing arts facility is very nice and there are great programs put on every year.
I have attended Marsh Valley High School for three and a half years. I have been a cheerleader for all of those years, and I have loved the experience it has given me at MVHS. This school has a friendly environment. Everyone knows everyone and everyone supports everyone. We are all friends here, and we help each other through good times and bad. My personal favorite experiences in high school would have to be cheering at games. There is a feeling of unity and friendship that comes when you are all cheering for the same thing.
I think Marsh Valley High School has a great variety of teachers. From their personalities to their teaching techniques, they all have their different styles. Like other schools, we have teachers who are not very well prepared sometimes and do not grade very well. However, overall I think our school does well with teaching and being involved in student activities.
This really has nothing to do with he school. The parents do what parents do everywhere.
The school is small and they hire who they can. They've always had trouble with math teachers but some subjects, lke art, are adequate.
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Great small town school that encourages high standards.
i have seen people drink and take drugs on school properties
we dont get enough to eat. we eat the same meals all the time. and i have found hair in my food.
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