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Mars Hill Academy is an excellent school that prepares students for college and beyond. The faculty and staff are truly amazing and have a heart for the students. The children thrive in such a beautiful, orderly environment that praises God above all else. I highly recommend Mars Hill Academy!
Our sons have already been richly blessed by their time at this academy. The teachers are incredibly high caliber - they are experts in their fields and they happen to love their fields of study. Add to that their love for students, discipling their minds and hearts, and you have an environment for students to excel and discover who they are and what they are meant to do in the world.
The field trip opportunities are fantastic, especially the World View Summit offered to all high schoolers where they get to travel to DC and hear from high-ranking speakers on cultural issues.
We believe Mars Hill is helping us to lay the foundation for the men they will become and the ways they will impact the world around them. And that is our goal as their parents!
this is a great place for academics in the humanities fields but Mars Hill Academy lacks greatly in their math and science departments
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Matt’s Hill is a loving Christ centered community. As a classical school it prepares students to think independently and be leaders among their peers.
Mars Hill Academy excellently prepares students for state and private colleges and universities after high school. The student body is very connected. They need more sports teams, though.
Mars Hill is a great school, it prepares you for college and the rest of life with a phenomenal worldview.
The school is very safe. All doors except the one into the front office are locked during school hours and only teachers with badges can buzz in through other doors.
The most common extracurricular activities are sports teams and the spring shows
I felt very accepted by everyone at the school. Everyone also encouraged and motivated me to do my best.
Overall very good with one or two exceptions
We are so thankful for Mars Hill Academy! Our kids are thriving. The classical education model is amazing...our students are learning things they just wouldn't get at other schools. And MHA is really a Christian school...not just in name. Our kids are taught from a biblical perspective in every single class. The teachers are wonderful, godly role models from our students and really care for each one. MHA is a unique place and is truly a blessing to our family.
The best teachers in greater Cincinnati!
Couldn't imagine a better school for my children!
Best teachers in greater Cincinnati by far!
MHA has diverse extracurricular options (sports, academic, arts).
Mars Hill Academy is an incredibly safe and secure school!
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