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Marquette has a beautiful rustic campus that gives every student a great experience. In any season the scenery is amazing. The instructors are all brilliant and the students are accepting and friendly.
It was a good high school and provided a high level of education. The culture was quite competitive though, and it was as cliquey as any other high school, I imagine.
Marquette has really provided me a great high school experience. I have connected and bonded with many people who I plan to continue to talk to even as adults. It also provides lots of opportunities for students in college and beyond. I wish to see the diversity of the school continue to grow pertaining to race.
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I would not change a thing at Marquette it has prepared me for college and for the world at large and it has helped me make life long bonds with the other students who go there and has helped me become the man I am today.
Best experience ever , I received great orientation and recourse for my son . I’m from PR and have problems with earthquakes and natural events and now no have jobs. My son is top averages student need all helps.
MUHS is a very good academic school. Classes challenge and push students to be there very best. Due to it not being coed a very close brotherhood is very visible every day at school. One issue I have with MUHS is the lack of diversity and the lack. It is a predominantly white school. As an African American, I find myself sometimes uncomfortable especially considering there are only 3 African American faculty members.
Excellent Experience at MUHS. The effort that goes into the students and the effort given from the students is amazing.
Overall an outstanding school. The college-preparatory mindset is felt in each and every class. The teachers are interesting and are knowledgable in the subjects they teach. The sports teams excel each year and students are proud to be enrolled here.
If I could redo my 4 years here at Marquette University High School, I would. There is just so much here to be appreciated. I don't really have anything negative to say about this school. It truly has been an amazing journey attending MUHS.
My time at Marquette University High School has been, the best time of my life. I have formed friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. There is a sense of brotherhood that is formed and can not be broken.
College Readiness school, in which they mentally and physically prepare their students to succeed in college. The schools sport teams are very competitive, and usually win in most of their competitions.
Marquette University High School is an incredible place. As a Jesuit institution, they focus on the whole person: academic and faith life. This is the most important thing at Marquette. The academics are very challenging but they give you so much help and opportunities to help you get better grades. They have advising for you and I personal thought that helps a lot. They also have a center and after school program for those who are struggling with grades, assignments, and projects. All the staff at this school are always there for you and want to help you anyway that they can so that means you have someone on your side at all time.
Everyone that I met there seemed to be very friendly and I never really saw or heard of people being bullied. The teachers were great and most of the classes that I took prepared me well for college even if it didn’t seem like it at first. One thing I would say I didn’t like about it was the small amount of diversity. There didn’t seem to be a lot of different ethnicities being shown there. Also there weren’t a lot of cultural events that took place and sometimes they weren’t always prepared to the best of their ability.
I have attended Marquette for three years, over the years I have grown to love the school more and more. The faculty has always been very supportive and kind. The only thing I would like to see different is more cultural diversity.
Marquette University High School is the best HS for boys in Milwaukee. The academics were very rigorous and hopefully will prepare my son for college.
There's a lot of pretentious suburban white kids that make it difficult for poc to feel welcome, while the school itself forces Christianity onto its student population by means of the classroom, mandatory mass, and mandatory retreats.
Throughout my years of Marquette University High School I have gone through rigorous challenges physically, mentally and spiritually. The work ethic is outstanding and I wish to see more a diverse student body.
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Caring teachers, focused students. Religious background supported with Jesuit teachings. Students come from all over with varying backgrounds, interests, and ethnicities.
I am just a Freshman so I cannot give it a full five stars yet. I can say, however, that Marquette is an amazing school. There is really a sense of brotherhood in the halls and the focus on religion in student's daily life is great. I cannot wait to go on freshmen retreat. Hoping for more great things in the future.
Academically, Marquette is a great institution that encompasses the idea of what it means to be a true "Man for others" through, service, prayer, education etc. I am truly blessed to have received such an education and four years of life-changing experiences. There is so much to love about the school such as the facilities, the teachers, the school culture, athletics and most importantly the top notch education. The only downside to Marquette is the lack of diversity. I found myself to often times be the only African-American in almost all of my classes, sometimes accompanied by 1 or 2 Latinos in classes of 20+. Overall, I feel that I will be graduating Marquette with the necessary tools and components for success in college, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done culturally.
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