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Marquette Catholic High School Reviews

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Marquette spends a great deal of time and resources on making sure students are prepared for college. The small class sizes also allow students to develop strong relationships with teachers and staff.
They have the most loving, caring staff. The school has been a game changer for my autistic son. He gets way more support and care at Marquette than any public school he has attended. They see him in a completely different a real person with potential.
Short classes, nice teachers, long lunches, nice deli, lots of exchange students. Only complaint is formal uniform day and church is so long.
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So far my experience at Marquette has been an excellent one. I have enjoyed my time here especially since all of the staff and students are very friendly and welcoming.
When I attended this school it was in its prime! Miss my high school days so much! Marquette is evolving into such a great school!
This is a very great school! Its one big family! Very welcoming of all races and religions! Mr.White is very nice and very understanding.
Marquette offers extraordinary opportunities. Every year there is a chance to travel abroad. This year we are traveling to Ireland.
I’ve gone to Marquette all four years of high school. In my experience of going here, I say I have learned a lot more than I would have learned in a public school setting. Every teacher I have asked for help does the most they can do to make sure I understand the subject at hand. Because of this, I have improved in every subject I struggled with.
Marquette is an inclusive and educational institution which truly cares about the needs of their students. The programs provided are helpful for college preparation. However, I cannot speak for the new teachers as I have heard bad reviews on them.
Marquette has a very friendly and inviting atmosphere, no matter if you are an incoming freshman or alumni. It is a college preparatory school and definitely has prepared me with skills that I can see myself using in college. I love the opportunity of being able to go on college visits provided by the school during the year. I wish I took more advantage of those opportunities my junior year.
Through Marquette Catholic, I was extremely prepared for college. I was also able to participate in every club I wanted to. Their sports weren't as good however since it's not as big of a school.
Marquette Catholic is overall a good school and the best high school in the area. The majority of the staff does not allow their students to fail. Help is always available for students who are in need of it. Many alum come back from college and also feel Marquette prepared them well. The exchange program is also a very cool aspect and makes the school even more diverse. The athletic department improved this past year, but the focus seems to be on the "top" programs. There is no football team, so the most popular sport is basketball. Not many clubs to join at Marquette, but there are some awesome opportunities for students to take advantage of. Marquette's food is catered from local restaurants which many students enjoy, but it is very overpriced. There are BIG plans for the school that will hopefully improve Marquette and the neighborhood physically and academically in the next couple of years.
Marquette is an amazing school. I transferred there after attending a public school. I noticed a tremendous change. The teachers are more involved and cared more about the students success and college readiness. The school is so small it makes it easier to focus. Transferring there was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Marquette has been the one place where I have not been afraid to be myself. It's a wonderful atmosphere with lots of support from everyone. Everyone seems to treat each other equally, and you don't find that often in other places. I'm a junior so I'm oooking at only one year left. It will be hard to leave, but I'm going to walk away with so many great memories. I can't wait for further changes in all departments.
Although Marquette is small, it is so diverse. That is just one thing I love about Marquette. Another great aspect is the teachers. They are encouraging, supportive, and helpful. I do wish that Marquette had a few more Honors choices in certain classes, but other than that Marquette is a fantastic school to attend.
Marquette becomes your second home the moment you step on campus. The teachers are so sweet and understanding, the students treat you like family, and it is unlike any other high school experience. They mirror a college atmosphere as best as they can. Not only is it a campus (multiple buildings, freedom to walk outside between classes), but all of the classes have the rigor you would see in college but with teachers who are willing to talk you through whatever you need help with. The networking at Marquette is also amazing. The connections that our school has with colleges and universities are unlike any networking you'll see at another school. Colleges love Marquette, and Marquette makes sure you end up at a school that fits you. This shows through our record of 100% acceptance rates among the senior classes.
MQT has a strong athletic community and we are always expanding the clubs available to students, such as debate which is new this year.
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MQT is a tough school with high expectations and its made me a better person and student. I love the classes, kids, teachers. I love that everyone is accepted by their peers, we all support each other. I wish I would have gone to MQT all 4 years of high school.
MQT teachers and staff are amazing and always go the extra mile for students, and not just with school work but with life in general.
This school has been great to me. Marquette is my family when I'm not at home.
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