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The students at the top are praised while the rest are flunked and ignored. This school portrays a fake atmosphere that it once had and tries to lure in all who don’t know the truth. The coursework is a joke and most of the teachers care more about football than the students. Tests are 90% of your grade and most of the “best” students score well by using Apple Watches or their phones. This school needs a reality check, as a “college preparatory” school it’s so far from actually helping the students. The only thing taught here is how to read off your phone in any position.
From Freshmen year to now, Marmion was a great fit for me. I would’ve never thought attending a Catholic Benedictine private high school, during middle school, but my parents and I really admired this school. The reason why this school fit for me was because of how it strives to get you out of your comfort zone and to try something new. I joined the choir which I’ve never participated in school prior to Marmion; now I’m the president of the chorus. Ive done musicals, Special Olympics, school supply drives, and so much more while at Marmion. There’s Mass offered here everyday and all school Mass every month. Plus many clubs that are offered; Spanish club, guitar club, etc. This school is unique in so many ways and it’s incredible that a school like this even exists.
The curriculum is above average, but, the faculty does not instill a love of learning and instead has created an academic “meat grinder” that teaches the students how to get an A.
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Great school and reputation. Definitely a tougher program and you can see the boys develop into fine young men. You get out of it what you put into it and it shows.
I liked the structure of Marmion, but the overall atmosphere was a little fake. Everyone acted like it was a great place and always happy, but they are in fact very harsh and do not miss a chance to yell. Although it is no longer Marmion Military Academy, many of the teachers still act like we are all the boarding school students that were there in 2003. The academy needs to better adapt to our changing culture.
Interesting dynamic at this school there is a constant clash between teachers and students. This is driven in part because of a difference in political beliefs. The military department is great the monks are also top notch would recommend to certain students not a good fit for all.
Marmion has been an excellent experience for our family. I have two boys one is a freshman, and one is a junior, Marmion does a fantastic job helping mold them into young men.
I have been at the school for three full years and I have never been so connected to a school community before. The atmosphere that Marmion brings to your daily life as a student enables you to bring out the best version of yourself both spiritually and academically.
It was during a summer soccer camp hosted by Marmion Academy, I knew "THIS IS WHERE I WANTED TO BE." Since then I have NEVER looked back, instead I have set goals for myself to continue to work hard for what I believe in.
Teachers and administrators really care about you going to a good school after graduation. The school was very well maintained and the school spirit was great!
Challenging academics taught by teachers who take an interest in the success of their students. Strong moral teachings permeate daily life.
I think that my experience at Marmion has been great. I was often challenged by the work load and material taught to us and had to create a better ethic, which something that I do not see coming from any other high school .
very good overall. The teachers were hit or miss, but if you got a good one your academic experience would be outstanding! Some parts of the culture should change but overall very involved in the community and with service.
What I like about marmion is that they get you ready for college. The teachers there are great. Most of the other students are mature.
Excellent school with great teachers and great students. However, if you are at the top of the class, the culture is very competitive, almost too competitive. Overall, a great unique experience that has taught me many lessons for college and life.
Fantastic! I am in my senior year of high school, has been one of the best experiences of my life and recommend it for many.
There's so much to do
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It's a great school! Sometimes people bully each other but usually they are just messing around. It's easy to make friends because there is so many different options to do.
Always are good and bad teachers, there are 1 or 2 bad ones who can't control the class but all the others are great and ready to help.
They are available if you are interested but they aren't the best overall.
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