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Marksville high school had a few amazing teachers but they were sadly over looked by the school board and administrators. Other teachers really did not care to see us succeed and I feel as though I was not prepared for college in any shape or form. As an alum I would like to see more college readiness programs and for the school board to stop breathing down the necks of teachers that are obviously doing an amazing job and begin to breath down the necks of the ones that don’t even care about the future of their students.
Hello, my name is Alashia Reed and I attend Marksville High School. My experience at Marksville High is excellent everyone is very helpful and well-mannered. Every student at Marksville High have set goals and everyone wants to make a living.
Marksville High School is a safe , fun-friendly , and spirited school . At times students, may struggle trying to keep up grades or maintain a level of excellence but we always willingly to help another one . My experience with Marksville High has been great even though times got tough I still managed to keep up my grades . The only thing I wish would change is the environment inside the building the janitors really don’t clean as much but overall Marksville High is pretty great!
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As a senior at Marksville High School I can say it’s a very diverse school. Many different styles of people. Most people are very friendly and I would recommend this school to everyone
Marksville high's faculty does not put you in the right classes you need to graduate. The principals are not good at all they let things slide. If I could change things about that school it would be the principals and the counselor.
I like the teachers that was at the school and attempting to help further education. The school would attempt to help you prepare for what you would learn in college. The changes that needed to be made while I was in school was the amount of time before the bell would ring to make it to the next class. Sometimes you was way on another end of a hall and had to go to your locker first then the class on another end.
My experience at MHS wasn't pleasant but it was bearable. It's a school that would much rather fund athletics than academics, honestly. A change I would like to see is with bullying. Do not let bullying get so bad that you only realize that it's an issue after something happnes to a student.
What I like about MHS is the peprallies and the dress codes for everyone to look professional. I wish that the good students can be awarded more.
My experience with Marksville High School was decent overall. Sometimes I had good teachers who took the time to really teach and help students in time of need. However, most of the time I had a teacher who would show favoritism towards others based on their social status or if they played sports or not, or scold me for trying to answer questions that other students refused to or didn't want to answer. In addition, the main priority at Marksville High School is their sports, not academics. An example of this was when in almost all of my classes there were not enough textbooks for each student so we had to share and could not take a book home to study or for homework, and what little books we did have, they were in horrible condition. However, the school could afford to put in new bleachers in the gynasium worth over $40,000.
We have a great school system, great sports , more interaction with hands on work , teachers that are willing to help you get where you need to be and more
I feel safe at this school most of the time, but some kids do get bullied. We need more money for security purposes I feel.
More sporting activities after school.
This school is not well organized and has not really prepared me for college.
Some of the teachers go above and beyond to do whatever they can to help, while others do not. Most teachers do have a variety of teacher styles.
I will miss high-school so much
The teachers are so cool.
This school is okay but I cannot recommend it.
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I wouldn't willingly go to Marksville High.
The discipline needs to get better.
I don't feel safe at the school at all they have gates but someone has gotten into the school before they only have one officer at the school which he is never just in the hallways. I feel like anyone can just walk in and out of the school
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