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Markesan is a very community based school. Everyone is safe and friendly. My four years at Markesan were wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small town to graduate from.
I like that Markesan High School is in a small town, so everyone is friendly. The classes are small which makes it easier to get to know your teachers and classmates. Therefore, it's convenient to get the help I need as a student and to make plenty of friends. I like how close the school is to my home because it helps that I know the area. I would like to see more classes available to the students. I've wanted to take multiple classes that haven't I have been able to, and I feel like there aren't many options that will help me with my future career.
I go to Markesan High School. I am a 3.9 GPA student. It would've gotten a better rating if our administration would take bullying more seriously. Even the teachers continue to be constantly rude to their students. I understand that sometimes it can be necessary. I never knew I would be bullied at this school, but I was, right in front of the teachers. Nothing happened to the bullies, EVEN WHEN THE ADMINISTRATION IS ALERTED!
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I enjoy the spacious hallways, the large lockers, and the comfort in each of the class room. The carpet is much nicer than tile and the janitorial staff does an excellent job.
There is a lot of peer pressure at the school. A lot of people I have found like to fling themselves at the opposite geneder. Otherwise students are very involved in school activities and sports. A great example is for every home football and basketball game the band plays pep band. We also play a parade before homecoming and any state qualifying soorts we have that year. Its really fun and we enjoy it.
I would like to see less pressure on pe and useless classes like Review and Enrichment that are required for us all four years. I would like more electives that I could use to pick classes that prepare me more for my career choice. For example, I want to go into animation. I don't need review and enrichment because it really just seems like a waste of time. Hardly anyone does what they are supposed to do and all it does is waste away precious hours I could use for something productive.
Most teachers genuinely care for the students and try to find new ways to make lessons fun. Most teachers find ways to incorporate activities that help us connect what se read and learn in the book to real life people and situations. They use technology to help us see what we are talking about. I feel they really prepare us for testing.
Pretty safe. We have a school nurse
We have FFA, Forensics, drama, volley ball, softball, baseball, football, basketball, golf, track, cross country, rock band, pep band, honors band and choir, solo ensemble, and wrestling.
Most students get involved with many different types of electives and extra curicular activities. From the fine arts to athletics to FFA and Forensics. The student body has a lot of school spirit. We follow our athletes to state and regionals.
Guidance counselors use to help the kids more when they were applying to colleges than they do now. A lot is left up to the student and the parents now to figure this process out. Office staff is good about getting the help one needs and pointing in the right direction. As far as bullying, my daughter had a problem once and I made a call to the principal and it was taken care of that day. As far as what goes on now, I have heard other parents say that they don't really do anything to deter bullying.
Most of the time if a student is having a hard time with a class and they go to the teacher then the teacher will get the student some help. sometimes there is a lack of communication skills. Making it hard for students to understand.
What I like most is the involvement with the music groups. Taking kids on trips and giving them lifelong experiences that they will never forget. The involvement with the sports is great. The thing I don't like is the misuse of the money that the school gets from taxpayers and also the fact that so many kids that go to college have to take courses that should have been done in high school.
Kids can be involved in many things such as sports, people helping people, forensics, martial arts, band trips, musicals and plays.
Any time a child gets sick they are able to go to the nurse and then a parent is called or if they are hurt it is well attended to. They make sure the kids are eating healthy and incorporate physical activity to help keep kids at a safe wait. Security involves only one door accessible to the public and a camera to see who is at the door before allowing the person in the building. There is a liaison officer present at times and if there is ever a threat then they remove the kids from the school to safe zones.
Bullying isn't a big deal at this school, and usually it doesn't happen. The only times I experienced it or saw it happen was in middle school, but once we got into high school bullying wasn't as prevalent. Jokes are still made and such but it was a friendlier environment in high school.
The principal can be a pain sometimes, interestingly her own children attend a different school. Policy changes don't happen very often and when they do it usually isn't a huge deal.
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Markesan is a fairly small town but the school is actually pretty nice and has a lot of newer construction.
I felt like I was pretty well prepared for real life after graduation, and it wasn't that hard of a transition. That said, there are definitely some things that I was surprised by, mostly that being poor while in college is almost mandatory.
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