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Horrible people here. No good. I have a kid here and they report to me that their school’s teachers bully him. I would hate for another kid to get bullied by teachers also. They people bullying my son are Ms Handzel and Ms Baranowski
Horrible teachers on the third floor, besides Corsi and and Arthur. They give out disciplinary sheets, coming in green and pink. They pink is a detention. The green is 1/3 of a pink sheet. They should hire new teachers and make the place a better, well rounded school.
I really like how the academic system works for visual and audio learners. But as for the kinesthetic learners, there aren't many tools to help and recognize them. Considering that the majority of our school are physical learners. Another thing I would like to see happen is that culture should be widely expressed around the school. Since MSA is such a beautifully diverse school, why not celebrate it? We should have more opportunities for those who want to express their cultures/origins. One final thing that'll improve Mark Sheridan is parent involvement. I believe that if we have more of student and parent interactions, we'll get many benefits from it. Such as sponsorship, more opportunities, better connections between schools and home, and many more.
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MSA has strong academics. The staff has fostered a welcoming and respectful learning environment and culture among the students. The teachers are enthusiastic, experienced and exceptional. The school is relatively small for a CPS school and, as such, its clubs and sports are somewhat more limited than some of the larger schools.
Overall, the school is very safe and the students seem to feel comfortable. The K-5 program is fairly strong with great teachers. The 6-8th grade program needs some major work to make it more creative. Admin needs some help in forming a more cohesive team with the teachers. Also, the admin needs tends to run the school on fear of retribution from CPS vs. taking chances like other great CPS school's that take chances. Overall safe school but lacks creativity and is glad willing to hand your kid a ton of boring worksheets instead of putting in a little effort to teach for life...vs teach for a test score.
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