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It is overall a great school with its balances and imbalances. No school is perfect, hence why I said this. This school does a really good job of helping students and fulfilling their needs. Their counselors are outstanding and very supportive. As a student attending this school, the teachers are one of the best contributing factors to this school. Although some appear to be more intimidating than others, overall, the teachers are kind and genuinely there to help. As for the students of this school, they are "chill" and lean-back. This school is not displayed like a movie of a stereotypical high school. The people here are very nice and outgoing. This entire atmosphere shapes the school to become an academically driven school with high achievements.
I have poor experiences with some of the teachers at the school. They were very biased and spread lies about me to the office to get me in trouble. It really ruined my school year and made me lose faith in the school's administration after. Some of the teachers are very biased as well.Other than that, the education is pretty good, and everyone works hard to get good grades. This however, makes our school spirit a little lacking. What I enjoyed the most at this school was that even though some of the teachers and administrators made me upset, most of them were always looking out for your well being. They helped me through hard times.
It’s been fair, kind of average with somewhat difficult classes. Some teachers are excellent, but some need some improvements. The diversity is not much, predominantly Asians, but it’s expected as it is located in Alhambra. Sports are average, teams are not superficial, decent, with the exception of basketball and dance teams. Overall it’s average, but better than most high schools.
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I really like how some teachers taught their classes. Some are super involved in what you learn and making sure that you understand it. I hope that they replace some lazy teachers that actually teach because some seem like they don’t care about the students. Overall the experience has been great. Students are very friendly but the staff could use some more people skills
A small local school in the city of Alhambra. It is a very competitive school with many bright and talented students. A lot of student involvement including clubs and activities run by students. They demonstrate great pride in their school and collectively work well and represent their school as honorable and admirable students. A change I would like to see is an improvement for the track/football field and the old gym.
Challenging classes though the teachers are generally welcoming. The general experience left me feeling quite depressed for a while because of how little happened at the school.
This school provides a great combination of academics and fun. Sports are also great with league-winning basketball and volleyball teams. There are a lot of clubs and activities for the students as well.
Mark Keppel is a school which is very much known for its academics which I believe sets high standards for its students. If wanting a good push academically Mark Keppel is the school. They are not known for many of their sports for good reason but have a great visual arts program.
MKHS is a very academic focused school and to me is one of the hardest and most challenging schools in the nation. The teachers are nice except sometimes math and science are pushed too fast and students tend to struggle in those curriculums. There are barely any trees on the campus, so the campus is mainly a sunny desert. For sports, girls baskteball and tennis are good teams but other than that the rest are poor.
Mark Keppel High School is a fairly competitive school, and many of the students are very smart. The teachers do a good job of teaching the material, and are experienced.
Great experience and good teachers. Always felt like a safe environment with diverse group of students
I am still a current sophomore enrolled at Mark Keppel High School. I find my experience to be pretty fun so far. Of course, there are ups and downs of every high school, but I believe that the people here are nice enough. There are some teachers that stick out above others. I've had my unpleasant experiences with some, but most are very fun. Our clubs and activities are excellent, even in comparison to other high schools. Our dance teams have gone across the country to compete, and our All-Male dance team participated on NBC's World of Dance in season 3. Our girls' basketball team is ranked top 200 nationally. I believe that Mark Keppel High School fulfills a person's typical high school experience, if not more.
At Mark Keppel, there is no question that the administration tries hard to provide programs for students to succeed. I truly appreciate that, and am grateful to attend this school. However, the competition at the school is so intense that it leads to a toxic environment (not a complaint, an observation).
Mark Keppel High school is a very nice shool but I think it is just a little bit smaller than other high school. That's fine, the teachers are nice and helpful. When I was still a English learner in 9th grade, I always ask my friends and teachers questions, and were so nice to answering my questions. I felt happy with that. Although there are a lot of Chinese students, but they were all trying so hard to learn English. I hope that the school could spend more resources on changing the old things, like computers, buildings, or lockers. I know they were in a hardship, I hope they could just do as much as they can.
Great environment with good people. Might get unlucky with teachers, but personally have not had a terrible experience.
I liked how approachable most of the teachers were. Many would open their classrooms during lunch or after school to allow students to stay and chat or to eat lunch. None of the teachers are the stereotype strict high school teachers. The range of classes offered is also pretty diverse allowing anyone to find classes they are interested in taking.
I like the wide range of classes that Mark Keppel provides for their students because it allows for everyone to find their own personal interests. I also like all the resources Mark Keppel provides whether it be from the college and career center to the counselors office.
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While Mark Keppel excels academically as a school, it still lacks in the variety of extracurricular classes. While I was attending various art programs such as photography and graphic design were cut or significantly reduced. There were also not enough classes that focused on learning trades or basic life skills.
Mark Keppel High School provided a constructive environment within which strong academics and extracurriculars were cultivated. The overall peer atmosphere is safe and provides students with a great community that can extend outside of simply school life. The school however lacks diversity, both ethnically and structurally. While the emphasis on the cultures that are present is constructive, the lack of diversity is crippling as students are left ill-equipped to face the real world.
Mark Keppel High School is a school that focuses almost entirely on academics. Definitely will make you college ready, however don’t expect a stereotypical school spirit kind of high school experience.
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